KNC Regera made of raw carbon fiber

KNC Regera made of raw carbon fiber

Buyers of supercars simply love carbon, which Koenigsegg knows perfectly well. This is evident at least in his latest supercar KNC Regera, which appears to us in a full edition of raw carbon fiber.

This is somewhat of a feat, as all the paintwork and even a thin layer of epoxy have to be removed to bring the carbon body to this state. Getting rid of the latter was the most difficult, because this resin is one of the components the presence of which is a requirement in the production process. So it had to be sanded by hand for many tedious hours from each body element, so delicately and carefully that the coating hidden under it would not be damaged. The final effect, however, is definitely worth the effort. Especially since it was possible thanks to the company’s proprietary process (Koenigsegg Naked Carbon), the development of which supposedly took many years and was mainly used for small carbon fiber additions on the wheels, handlebars and aerodynamic parts.

The KNC Regera is therefore the first car in which Koenigsegg has applied his patent on the entire surface. Do not think, however, that this had a negative impact on the strength of the body – this one is now more resistant to scratches and chipping, which were mainly formed on the epoxy layer of the sponge, which in this edition weighed about 20 kilograms. On the performance side, we can also count on the top shelf. KNC Regera conquers the streets with its 1,500-horsepower hybrid drive, capable of reaching a speed of 400 km / h in less than 20 seconds. This model will initially only be offered by the Swiss dealer Carage, which is expected to start operating in March next year.

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Source: New Atlas