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Initially, the English word mining meant mining. With the advent of bitcoin, and after it other virtual assets, mining began to be called the process of generating new blocks of cryptocoins using computing equipment.

But in order for the computer to calculate the hash operation, special software is needed. Mining programs differ in efficiency and usability. The profitability and reliability of the “farms” depends on the correct choice and configuration of mining software.

A large number of mining software is available on the Internet. How to choose the optimal mining software? It all depends on the mined coin, accessories riga and the level of computer knowledge of the miner.

Claymore’s Dual Miner

Claymore’s Dual Miner is created for altcoins on the Dagger Hashimoto (Ethash) algorithm. Latest version v15.0 supports Ethereum mining up to epoch 384 (DAG size 4GB). And also added support for Navi maps and auto environment variable setting (required for AMD 4GB maps). Additional options allow developing the maximum hash rate on the factory firmware, and overclocking and undervolting the video card by writing the corresponding values ​​in the executive file.

For two minutes, every hour, the utility automatically switches to mining in the developer’s wallet. The graphical shell looks like a command line. Key parameters are highlighted in color, making the interface intuitive even for a beginner. The miner is configured by changing the bat file.

Setting procedure:

  • Choosing a coin for mining.
  • We determine the storage method. It can be an official wallet, one of the multicurrency services, a web wallet, or a deposit on a cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Choosing a popular pool. There is an assistant on the pool, usually the line (How to Mine), copy the settings of the executable file of the Claymore AMD + NVIDIA mining program. Example:
  • EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool stratum+tcp:// -ewal <ADDRESS> -eworker <WORKER> -esm 0 -epsw x -allpools 1 -mode 1 –strap 1 -rxboost 24 -cclock 2100 –mclock 1150 –powlim 40 –cvddc 900 –mvddc 900 –tstop 80 –tstart 40 –fanmin 50
  • Instead of
    we enter the number of our wallet, in the column we write the name of the rig. Overclocking parameters and voltage must be selected manually. Save the edited file as file.bat in the mining program folder. After saving, it is advisable to rename it according to the name of the coin or pool. Launch the claymore by clicking on the created file. If everything is done correctly, the command line will appear.

We are waiting for the equipment to start sending solutions. Again, go to the pool site, enter the wallet number in the line (Enter your адрес), and click lookup. Information about the miner’s speed and payout balance should appear. The mining process has started. In case of problems, you should contact the technical support of the pool. You can read more about setting up a claymore in a separate review on our website.

Claymore’s Dual Miner works with AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, new software versions are regularly released. In terms of hashing speed and ease of setup, claymore is the best program for mining cryptocurrency.

In 2018, an alternative version of work on ethash appeared – the program PhoenixMiner… It is similar in launch mode and appearance to claymore, but has a number of functional features.

Miners run on both Windows and Linux. For the most progressive crypto farmers, mining-optimized operating systems have been created, such as HiveOS and PIMP. On these platforms, mining software, services for overclocking video cards and monitoring production are preinstalled.

Nicehash miner

nise miner

Nicehash miner will quickly turn your computer into an altcoin mining workstation. The program for mining on a video card and a Nicehash processor independently chooses the most profitable algorithm. The updated NiceHash Miner 3.0 comes with preinstalled plugins:

  • CCMinerTpruvot;
  • ClaymoreDual14;
  • GMiner;
  • LolMinerBeam;
  • MiniZ;
  • NBMiner;
  • Phoenix;
  • TeamRedMiner;
  • TRex;
  • XMRig;
  • ZEnemy.
nayshesh miners

NiceHash Miner plugins include hand-picked miners by default. Install other programs (which are not included by default), you can through the tab “Plugins“. Go to the “Plug-in“, Select a miner from the list and click”Install».

To run you need:

  • Download and run mining software;
  • Select a server;
  • Pass the built-in equipment profitability check;
  • Register the address of the bitcoin wallet;
  • Install NET Framework 2.0 or higher and Microsoft Visual C Redistributable 2013.

The mining service is convenient for beginners and has proven itself well in the cryptocurrency market. Once the platform paid rewards only in bitcoins, now the withdrawal of other cryptocoins and fiat assets is available.



SrbMiner is available in two versions: CN and MULTI. The first is designed for forks of the Cryptonight algorithm and works exclusively with AMD cards.

The multiminer supports the extraction of various altcoins on the processor and red video adapters. You can download the required version and get acquainted with the list of supported tokens on the official website of the program.

Team Red Miner


The red miner was previously popular among the owners of gpu farms on Vega series video cards. But, after the transition of the Ravencoin coin to the KawPow algorithm, other miners began to use it.

Team Red Miner was among the first to add splitting a DAG file over 4GB into two chunks to support Ethereum mining after the 384 era. You can download the program on the Bitcointalk forum.


phoenix miner

PhoenixMiner is an analogue of Claymore, but it is fast on the Ethash algorithm (ETH, ETC, Muiscoin, EXP, UBQ, etc.) The program supports AMD and Nvidia video cards. Works on Windows x64 and Linux x64 operating systems. The software has a built-in commission to developers of 0.65%, every 90 minutes of miner mining, of which 35 seconds it mines for developers (the function is not disabled). PhoenixMiner, like claymore, can change timings on the fly, overclock the video card and adjust the voltage. All AMD cardholders with 4GB of RAM must upgrade to PhoenixMiner 5.0 e or later to continue mining Ethereum after the DAG epoch 350 (ETH and ETC have already passed this era).

In the analysis, the speed showed higher than Claymore’s in onle ETH mode, the speed gain was about 0.4-1.3%. There is a great dependence on video cards and other equipment, so the program developer notifies about this in the instructions. You can download the program on the official thread on the Bitcointalk website.

Most of the configuration options are similar to its sibling, so configuration difficulties are unlikely to arise. The program has established itself well among the miner community and has good reviews.

The developer is actively updating and releasing new versions, periodically visit and track fresh software.

Command line parameters for the most popular pools and coins:

  • (ETH): PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -pool2 -wal YourEthWalletAddress.WorkerName – proto 3 –mt 2
  • (ETH, безопасное соединение): PhoenixMiner.exe -pool ssl: // -pool2 ssl: // 5555 -wal YourEthWalletAddress.WorkerName -proto 3 –mt 2
  • ethpool .org (ETH): PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -pool2 -wal YourEthWalletAddress.WorkerName -proto 3  -mt 2

Lol Miner

lol miner

Equihash / Beam & Grin multi-protocol miner with a focus on AMD GPUs. Supported algorithms:

  • Beam Hash III;
  • Cuckatoo-31;
  • Cuckatoo-32;
  • Cuckaroo-30CTX;
  • Cuckaroo-29;
  • CuckarooD-29;
  • CuckarooM-29;
  • ZelHash;
  • Equihash 144/5;
  • Equihash 192/7;
  • Equihash 210/9.

The app can work with Nvidia GPUs too, but there are more efficient programs for the green ones.



Supports Aeternity, Ethereum, Beam, Grin, RVN and other coins. More than half of the algorithms are for Nvidia only. You can download the application on the GitHub service. An example of setting up a batch file:

gminer --algo -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u RVN_WALLET

The latest release of GMiner v2.21 demonstrates a significant improvement in mining performance.


treks miner

The program bears the name of an old British rock band, perhaps its developers are fans of the British Underground.

T-Rex supports over 20 mining algorithms and is one of the fastest miners for Nvidia GPUs. You can download the program here.



The program gained popularity after the release of the Grin crypto coin, before that it was used to mine ethereum in LINUX. Supported algorithms:

  • Tensority;
  • Ethash;
  • cuckaroo (d);
  • cockatoo;
  • cuckoo_ae;
  • progpow;
  • sipc;
  • eaglesong;
  • bfc;
  • hns;
  • trb;
  • Kawpow.

NBMiner has a -mt option to optimize memory timings for Nvidia GDDR5 and GDDR5X GPUs.

Never download miners from dubious sources. All serious crypto mining projects are presented on the Bitcointalk forum in the section Alternate cryptocurrencies/ Mining (Altcoins).

On mining farms, antivirus is usually not installed, and firewall and other protection is disabled. Windows setup differs from the Linux family radically. If the mining program will be used on a regular computer, it should be included in all security exceptions.

Those wishing to earn BTC, you need to keep in mind that the program for mining bitcoins on a PC is of little relevance, due to the high complexity of mining. It is much more profitable to exchange mined coins for bitcoin or work with nice hash.

After a long recession, there is a recovery in the cryptocurrency market. Most likely, at the beginning of autumn, the Ethereum rate will break through the $ 500 mark and continue to grow. In general, mining in 2020 is much more profitable than last year. At the same time, the prices for equipment are quite reasonable. New heights await ahead. Who knows, maybe it’s true by 2022, bitcoin will cost $ 200,000.

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