Marvel’s Avengers has not had the desired success

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During the financial results of Square Enix, the president of the company, Yosuke Matsuda, recognized what everyone already knew, and that is Marvel’s Avengers has been a flop from the very day it was released.

This game came with a huge amount of bugs, unlockable heroes paying in game, a patch that deleted the saved games one of the few who were still playing the game, a month after its launch practically nobody played it anymore, and at the end of September made it to Xbox Game Pass to try to attract players. From waiting for it to be more successful than Spider-Man, to absolute failure and generating millions in losses to the company.

“I also want to point out that ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ was an ambitious title for us as we embraced the GaaS (Games as a Service) model. We overcame a number of unexpected difficulties in the final phase of game development, including the need to move to working from home due to the pandemic We were able to overcome these difficulties and launch the game, but unfortunately it has not been as successful as we would have liked.

However, the adoption of the GaaS model revealed issues that we are likely to face in future game development efforts, such as the need to select game designs that match the unique attributes and tastes of our studios and development teams. Although the new challenge we tackled with Avengers produced a disappointing result, we are confident that the GaaS approach will grow in importance as gaming becomes more service-oriented. How to create new experiences by incorporating this trend into the design of our games is a key question that we will have to answer in the future. “

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