Microsoft is pushing “forcibly” Windows 10 updates

Microsoft is pushing "forcibly" Windows 10 updates

Hey, psst, do you want an update? Not? We’ll force him anyway. This is a short description of Microsoft’s pre-Christmas games, which abandoned the installation of the latest version of Windows 10 only on “volunteer” computers and switched to mass pressing updates to all compatible computers.

The worst thing by far is that v1809 starts automatically (without pressing “check for updates”) and we have nothing to say … in theory. As the company reports in the updated KB4023814 article:

If you are currently using Windows 10, version 1507, version 1511, version 1607, version 1703, or version 1709, your computer automatically detects Windows 10 Update Assistant. Then you can expect to be notified that your device must have the latest security updates installed, and the installer will try to follow updating the device.

Statistics say that this version of Windows 10 currently has the worst dissemination rate among owners of this system. However, now the company has resolved most of the issues, which will likely make more people opt for the updates. The notification itself will ask for permission to initiate the installation, but it also warns between words that it will carry it out anyway. To avoid it … and more precisely, “mute” notifications, you must either use the C: Windows10Upgrade Windows10UpgraderApp.exe / ForceUninstall command in the command line, or delete the files manually:

  • C:WindowsUpdateassistant
  • C:Windows10upgrade

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Source: Wccftech

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