Acer confirmed the Intel graphics card. Intel Arc A370M heads to Swift X

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iPad Air (2022): a renewal with the Apple M1 chip

While we expected the Intel GPU to be unveiled to gamers at CES 2022, the company hasn’t revealed anything about them, focusing solely on the 12th generation processors. Fortunately, not all manufacturers were so attentive and so Acer at the announcement of Swift X confirmed the Intel Arc A370M graphics card.

The Intel Arc A370M graphics card is to be part of the extensive Intel offer, which, as announced, will debut in the first quarter of 2022

Intel has made it clear in the past that its cards will be released in Q1 2022, so naturally we expected to find out more at some of the biggest electronics-oriented events. Unfortunately, aside from confirming the term with an emphasis on mobile devices, a few demos and information about shipping the Arc GPU to OEMs, we haven’t learned anything from Intel… and that’s where Acer comes in.

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According to Acer Germany, the upcoming Swift X laptop will be offered with the Arc A370M graphics processor. The name is confirmed by an earlier leak from the Intel test driver, which indicated that this card will be equipped with a DG2-128 GPU with probably 6 GB of memory. This fits the Acer Swift X tier with Alder Lake-P processors.