Space Force created STARCOM. This is where the US Space Force Guards will be trained

The Space Force is going through a massive restructuring this summer to better serve as a branch of the US Military under the Air Force. The last stage is the activation of STARCOM, the last of the three planned field commands, in which Guardians, i.e. the Guardians of the US Space Forces, will be trained.

The newly created STARCOM will take care of the Space Force training

If you are wondering, yes – Space Force keeps calling its staff as Guardians, which was no joke when we heard about it for the first time. They will undergo training at STARCOM, i.e. Space Training and Readiness Command, which is tantamount to abandoning the current Star Delta.

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STARCOM will be responsible for instilling in the volunteers the Space Fore doctrine, training, testing and educational activities, carrying out these duties at the Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs under the authority of Brig. Gen. Gen. Shawn Bratton of the National Guard Bureau. About the creation of this command, the head of space operations of the Space Force had a lot to say, who said that it was “an important milestone in the creation of an independent Space Force”, which will lead to “unification of efforts in the field of space security and the development of a core cadre of space combat specialists. “.

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STARCOM has been operating since August 23, i.e. it was established only 10 days after the Space Force established the SSC, i.e. the Space Systems Command, which manages most of the acquisition activities, i.e. the development of space technologies or the launch of satellites.