The Pentagon has created a new AOIMSG task force. Objective? UFO

In June, the official report prepared by ODNI was published, in which, after examining 144 UFO sightings, i.e. unidentified flying objects, only one of them was found. This has highlighted a significant problem, providing food for fans of conspiracy theories, the fruit of which is clearly visible as a new Pentagon-led AOIMSG task force has just been established.

The Pentagon launched the AOIMSG to better research UFOs

AOIMSG, which is an acronym from Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group, will replace the existing group of the Navy (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force) in this regard.

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AOIMSG will synchronize the efforts of the Department and the wider US government to detect, identify and assign objects of interest in Special Purpose Airspace (SUA) and to assess and mitigate any associated threats to flight safety and domestic safety

– wrote the Department of Defense.

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The aforementioned report is clearly the reason for this, because then the Bureau of the Director of National Intelligence clearly emphasized the lack of an adequate amount of data for identification purposes. It also instructed the US government to see to it that it stepped up efforts to that end.

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