Star Citizen manages to overcome the barrier of 400 million dollars in crowdfunding

The most ambitious video game in the world, Star Citizen, continues to raise millions and millions of dollars of financing through crowdfunding, having required just over 17 months to pass the barrier of 300 million dollars of collection at 400 million.

Basically, this is the amount of money that players have decided to pay to enter this world and, like real life, the more money you invest in the game the better you will be thereSince you will be able to acquire gigantic ships with which to destroy the rest of the players with the simple press of a button, of course, they will not be so easy to handle and will require a handful of support players.

At the time of writing, the game accumulates revenue of $ 402,922,304 Come in 3,365,986 players, which gives us an average expenditure of almost $ 120 per user, although obviously it is not a real average, since most users pay for the most basic pack that is usually around 55 dollars, where you receive a very basic ship with a 3-month insurance. The most expensive pack costs $ 1,131, and if we talk about ships, one of the most expensive is the Javelin, with space for 80 players and at a cost of $ 3,000. Outside of there, we have a large number and variety of packages and ships at very different prices.

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Yes, for now the game is a long way from receiving a final version, and it is that, for now, it moves in the version Alpha 3.15 and, according to the roadmap, before the end of the year we should reach the 3.16, during Q1 2022 to 3.17 and in Q2 2022 at 3.18, so it seems that there will still be a long time for the development of the game to be finalized.

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