The cheapest Alder Lake-S for just $ 119? AMD will be forced to lower the prices of the Ryzen 5000

How to cool the 12th generation Core?  MSI translates

Not everyone needs top performance and overclocking capabilities. Therefore, after the recent premiere of Alder Lake-S processors from the K family, we will wait a few weeks (supposedly until January) for those less impressive systems with a TDP of 65, not 125 watts. Today we got to know some of them, because the Canadian store prematurely released the list and prices, suggesting that the cheapest Alder Lake-S will be available for as low as $ 119.

A Canadian store has revealed prices for four upcoming 12th Gen Intel Core. Chances are the cheapest Alder Lake-S for $ 119

The leak he immortalized @momomo_us from Twitter, there are four processors. They are led by the Intel Core i7-12700F, a 65-watt equivalent of the Core i7-12700KF with a locked multiplier. So it works with lower clocks, but not so much, because according to rumors, P-Cores spins up to 4.8 GHz, which is only 100 MHz less. Price? Apparently, USD 365 (Tweet mentions Canadian dollars), or PLN 1,450.

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The revealed Core i5-12400F and Core i5-12400 are said to debut below $ 250, because their prices are PLN 800 and PLN 920, respectively (1: 1). These two 65-watt processors have six Golden Cove cores and 12 threads, and the difference between them comes down to the activated iGPU. An interesting addition to Intel’s offer is the Core i3-12100F at the price of just the title $ 119, or PLN 475, which should offer 4 Performance cores (Golden Cove) and 8 threads.

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