Amazon has revealed the prices of new Intel processors. How much will we pay for Alder Lake-S?

As many as three branches of the Amazon store prematurely revealed the prices of new Intel processors, i.e. Alder Lake-S. At the very beginning, it is worth recalling that, according to expectations, these processors will hit the market either on October 28 or on November 4.

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Getting straight to the point, these are the prices of the three processors on the Dutch Amazon store:

So, in turn, in Great Britain and France, and yes – also about the Amazon leak:

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Prices for new 12th generation Intel processors

To sum up, the prices are as follows, including the VAT prevailing in specific countries (France, Great Britain, the Netherlands). At the very end, there is the average after conversion into Polish zlotys:

  • Intel Core i9-129000K: 919 euros | British pounds 791 | EUR 846 (PLN 4200)
  • Intel Core i9-129000KF: 879 euros | British pounds 753 | NO (PLN 4000)
  • Intel Core i7-127000K: 636 euros | 550 british pounds | 641 euro (3000 PLN)
  • Intel Core i7-127000KF: 436 euros | 397 british pounds | NONE (2000 PLN)
  • Intel Core i5-126000K: 321 euro | 311 british pounds | 323 euro (1470 PLN)
  • Intel Core i5-126000KF: 403 euros | NONE | NONE (1850 PLN)
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