The Epic Games Store will implement its achievement system next week

Sistema de logros en la Epic Games Store

Epic Games has announced that next week the Epic Games Store will implement its achievement system, something highly demanded by the community, and more after it was popularized by Steam. Some of the first games to implement these achievements will be Alan Wake Remastered or Rocket League.

We are pleased to announce that there is very little left for the initial release of Epic’s achievement system, which includes a set of tools for developers to activate platform achievements quickly and easily. That means starting next week, you can start earning EXP by earning Epic achievements in select games.

Over the past year, we’ve worked closely with some of our development partners to bring Epic’s achievements to life. Thanks to their help, when the system is released, you can start accumulating EXP in the following games: Rocket League, Hades, Pillars of Eternity, Kena, Zombie Army 4 and Alan Wake Remastered, among others. We are working to bring these tools to more developers; We hope that Epic achievements will make their way to your favorite games later this year.

How do Epic XP and achievements work?

Epic achievements are categorized into four categories based on XP, with Platinum Achievement being earned by earning 1,000 XP in a game. Here are the categories of Epic achievements and the amount of additional EXP you will get for the achievement:

Bronze = 5-45 XP
Silver = 50-95 XP
Gold = 100-200 XP
Platinum = 250 XP

Epic Achievement Games have a new Achievement Information page where you can share and track your progress. This page lists all the Epic achievements available for the game, shows your progress on each of them, and highlights the Epic achievements you are about to unlock. Epic achievements and your achievement progress per game are displayed in the library. You can also view all of the Epic achievements available on the in-game information pages while browsing the store.

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Didn’t the Epic Games Store already have an achievement system?

Yes! About a year ago, we launched an achievement tool for developers. We call them “developer achievements.” These belong to the developers themselves, who are the ones who manage them. Epic’s new achievement system offers new benefits to players and is closer to what can be found on other platforms. We hope it will be adopted by all developers present on the Epic Games Store in the coming months.

Are developer achievements going away?

No. They will continue to work in games if the developers have already incorporated them and do not want to be integrated into Epic’s new achievement system.

What about developer achievements I have earned in the past?

If you’ve unlocked developer achievements, don’t worry. Your efforts are not going to be wasted. If a game that previously used Developer Achievements is integrated into Epic’s new Achievement System, your progress will carry over and you will automatically earn EXP in your account.

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