Lenovo Legion Play, a competition for Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck

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Geforce RTX 2060 mining

An unexpected leak revealed that Lenovo wants to reveal its own idea for playing on the move in the future, i.e. competition for Switch from Nintendo and Steam Deck from Valve. So the question remains, what does Lenovo Legion Play have to offer?

A new player on the market, i.e. the Lenovo Legion Play portable console

This year, the computer / gaming console market is experiencing a small boom, which Lenovo Legion Play emphasized with a vengeance. Admittedly, Lenovo has not yet officially revealed the existence of its Legion Play, because information on this subject was provided to the world by the Liliputing service, revealing not only the basic details of this equipment, but also the renders that depict it. Interestingly, the premiere of Lenovo Legion Play was to take place officially at MWC 2021 earlier this year, but the company decided to abandon it for unclear reasons.

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Lenovo Legion Play apparently runs on a custom version of Android, as evidenced by the presence of Google Play Stores, several other apps from the company, and perhaps the most interesting – GeForce Now icons. On the physical side, the photos reveal the presence of a USB Type-C, 3.5mm audio jack, two analog sticks, four standard buttons, a D-Pad and easy-grip tabs on the back.

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Apparently, this equipment was created for playing mobile games, but also AAA, making it the first console to play with the use of streaming games from the cloud to Android. Lenovo Legion Play will be equipped with a 7-inch Full HD display with HDR10 + support, built-in controllers, two speakers, dual vibration motors and a 7000 mAh battery.