The Germans created a solar-powered car

The Germans created a solar-powered car

The Munich startup finally tested its solar cell car. The model is called Sion and its loading system has finally been completed.

Sono Motors was founded in 2016 and immediately began working on a car that would have solar cells integrated into the body. Already in 2017, two functional car prototypes were delivered, and in 2018 it received the first large order for its structures, which made their completion crucial. Currently, Sion has a Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 35-45 kWh and weighing 250 kg. It serves as an energy store, but it will most likely be changed in the final version of the car. Sion has 330 solar cells built into the roof, hood and sides, which are to provide a range of approx. 250 km. of course, the car can also be charged like ordinary electric cars.

The company wants to start serial production of Sion in the second half of 2019. Currently, it has orders for over 5,000 of these cars from customers in 30 different countries. The price of the car is 16,000 euros).

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