The Relee M1 bicycle helmet is distinguished by several technological features

The Relee M1 bicycle helmet is distinguished by several technological features

On the bicycle helmet market, manufacturers have to make a real effort to attract the attention of customers who focus mainly on proven solutions. After all, we are talking about security, a sector where there is no room for experimentation. In this respect, it is difficult to say that the Relee M1 bicycle helmet is inferior to the competition, but in what it certainly does not give way, it is in a number of additions and functions.

The Relee M1 bicycle helmet is a sensation on Kickstarter

As befits a work available only on Kickstarter, the Relee M1 bicycle helmet fought for money from the supporters with a simple technique – offering more for lessplanned retail offer. So now you can buy the Ultra-Illuminate version for $ 79, and the camera version for $ 169, which will increase to $ 129 and $ 229 after the market launch (May 2022). You can be sure that the M1 meets European and American safety standards, is IP65 compliant and weighs approximately 450 grams.

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The M1 bicycle helmet from Relee has a lithium-polymer battery with a durability of up to 5 or 24 hours depending on the load on its functions. If all functions are activated, the battery must power a camera with a Sony Starvis IMX CMOS sensor and an electronic image stabilization system that records in Full HD and 30 FPS at a 120-degree viewing angle. Recordings are saved on a 4MB cache (or memory card) and can be downloaded and viewed using the companion app when connected to Wi-Fi.

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The mentioned variant of the Ultra-IIIuminate, in turn, abandons the camera in favor of a 350-lumen reflector in the front. Regardless of version, each Relee M1 bike helmet features white LEDs on the front and red LEDs on the back, and even a set of integrated rear LEDs for activation via a handlebars mounted remote control. In addition, it provides speakers and a microphone through which users can additionally listen to music, answer phone calls or use voice-activated functions on a paired smartphone. It is also possible to pair two or more helmets together, allowing users to have conversations while driving.

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