The SkyProwler 2 powered lift surpasses its predecessor in every respect

Pionowzlot SkyProwler 2 przewyższa swojego poprzednika pod każdym względem

Four years ago, the Arizona-based Krossblade company introduced the world to a fully functional powered-lift (VTOL) that takes more from a drone than an airplane. The engineers had enough time to refine practically all elements and create its successor – SkyProwler 2.

As with successors, SkyProwler 2 surpasses its predecessor SkyProwler in every respect. Of course, the most important elements have been preserved, hence the presence of four horizontally positioned propellers that allow it to take off and land vertically, and even hover in place. However, when flying horizontally, these are cut off from the power supply, and one rear propeller is used to develop speed. However, it is the user who has the ability to control the flying mode – he can either retract the four propellers or reduce the wing a bit to improve aerodynamics.

The new model has all the same functions as its predecessor, but these have been improved. I am talking about a speed that is 15 km / h higher (maximum 134 km / h). The changes include a flatter, more aerodynamic body, 100 grams lighter, larger wing area, 30% payload, a radio antenna that allows control up to 16 km, and a battery with higher capacity and voltage that provides 60 minutes of flight, not 40 minutes. predecessor.

Video is still captured and recorded with the optional 4K / 30fps camera with stabilization. It is also sent to one of the two screens integrated with the controller. Of course, its price of $ 2,999 is scary, but if you are willing to buy SkyProwler 2, you will wait until January 31st for its availability.

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Source: New Atlas

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