Volvo is testing electrically powered machines in quarries

Volvo Construction Equipment in cooperation with Skanska intends to test its heavy machinery in real conditions. The vehicles are adapted to work in quarries and are equipped with electric drives and systems enabling autonomous operation.

For most of us, working with the extraction of raw materials is by no means associated with ecology. Taking into account the aspirations of the companies mentioned in the introduction, the perception of this issue may soon change dramatically. All for a 10-week project. During its duration, heavy equipment using ecological solutions will be tested at the Vikan Kross mine.

Volvo Construction Equipment, owned by the Swedish giant, intends to use electric drives in every phase of the work in the quarry. They will include open pit, transport or recycling. At the same time, the company’s representative admits that small amounts of diesel fuel will still be used. The final numbers are impressive. There is talk of a 95% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and a 25% reduction in utility costs.

The three currently used trucks will be replaced by a fleet of eight autonomous electrically powered vehicles. HX2, equipped with vision systems, will transport materials between the crushers. These will be connected to the power supply with cables, but if the crushers need to be transported, diesel engines will be installed in them. The prototype wheel loader was also equipped with a diesel engine. Electric motors installed near the wheels and in the hydraulic system are responsible for the “ecological” part of the vehicle.

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