The world’s largest green hydrogen production facility will be built in Texas

[French] Texas will be home to the ...
[French] Texas will be home to the world’s biggest green hydrogen plant

Near Piedras Pintas, Texas, GHI will build a massive 60 GW of green hydrogen production facility that is expected to generate a full 2.5 billion kilograms completely emission-free “fuel of the future.” In fact, it will be the world’s largest green hydrogen plant … unless some other company announces its own plan.

The largest green hydrogen production facility in the world will be built in Texas

In fact, GHI is currently implementing as many as seven projects with a total capacity of one terawatt. The largest of these, and the first to be built and put into operation, will be Hydrogen City in Texas, which will use a 60 GW wind and solar power plant to generate green hydrogen through electrolysis. This one requires huge amounts of energy and the process is said to start in 2026.

Hydrogen City is a massive, world-class venture that will make Texas a leading producer of green hydrogen. Texas has been a world leader in energy innovation for over 100 years, and this project is set to cement that leadership for the next century and beyond

Said Brian Maxwell, founder and CEO of GHI.

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In practice, green hydrogen produced at the plant with an initial capacity of 2 GW will be piped to the coastal cities of Corpus Christi and Brownsville, where the industry will convert it into other products. Previously, however, the salt dome at Piedras Pintas in Duval County will serve as a hydrogen storage facility for the project, and as GHI is committed to selling it directly, it is already negotiating with its customers on how to use its hydrogen.