The world’s first green steel is now in Volvo’s hands

The world's first green steel is now in Volvo's hands

It is expected that Sweden will be one of the main countries involved in the production of ecological steel, because in 2024 the largest factory in the world will start operating there. It will certainly help Volvo in its quest to completely stop generating emissions by 2050, even on the partner side, which has just received the world’s first green steel from SSAB.

SSAB has brought something special to Volvo. This is the first such ecological steel in the world

SSAB sells over $ 7 billion worth of steel annually and recently committed to mass production of this fossil-free steel in 2026. However, the company has already delivered the world’s first ecological steel, which was created not from coal and coke, but from ecological hydrogen. SSAB even makes sure that the raw materials come from ecological mines, and that it produces hydrogen itself, using electrolysers.

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For SSAB, the name of green steel means that it is produced without the use of fuels and fossil raw materials, and its production also does not generate CO2 emissions. The company has achieved this thanks to the new HYBRIT process, which uses hydrogen as a reducing agent to combine iron ore and calcium into steel. The traditional coal-fired furnace has also been replaced by an electric arc furnace.

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Finally, the world’s first ecological steel does not differ in quality and possibilities from the traditional one, but it is simply more expensive. Probably much more expensive, and while the price Volvo had to pay to use this steel to make electric trucks is unknown, the recent double-fold has certainly not improved the situation.

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