This is what God of War looks like on the Steam Deck compared to the PlayStation 5/4

God of War en Steam Deck vs PlayStation 5 y 4

God of War not only landed this year on PC, but thanks to the Steam Deck we have the only portable platform with which to truly be able to play this title to a decent graphic quality that does not have much to envy to the consoles. An example of this brings them to us ‘The Bit Analyst‘, who wanted to compare the visual quality, performance and loading times of this title optimized for Valve’s portable console against PlayStation consoles.

In summary form, the Steam Deck is the one that offers the shortest loading times, And it is that the PlayStation 5 is limited to running the PlayStation 4 game for backward compatibility, so all its hardware is not used. This also means that in some areas of the game, the portable console can offer greater drawing distances Regarding the console version, while in terms of visual quality in general terms, it is basically slightly superior to that of the PlayStation 4 version, and that is to dream of the power of PlayStation 5 on a portable console, at least for now, it is unthinkable.

Of course, not everything is good news, and it is really there is no possible way to get the game to run “acceptably” at 60 FPSeven with minimum graphics settings and AMD FidelifyFX Super Resolution technology, technology that is not recommended to useat least in the portable mode of the console, since it is only profitable when connected to an external monitor in Maximum Quality mode to play at 1080p at an acceptable framerate as well as stable.

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In short, at least with God of War, it is as if we had a console superior to the PlayStation 4 with which we can enjoy games anywhere, and is that laptops are not comparable (not only because of the differences in size), and it is necessary to remember that if they are not connected to the electrical network, the performance drops noticeably.

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