VR fun in bed – this is what the latest HalfDive VR set with fans aims at

In November, an interesting piece of technology from the Japanese company Diver-X will appear on Kickstarter in the form of the HalfDrive VR set, which allows you to play in virtual reality in bed. This is not an option or an additional function, but simply the main idea behind the equipment.

The Diver-X company is preparing the HalfDive VR set for the premiere

Set VR HalfDive BMD (Bed-Mounted-Display) will soon try to introduce a number of new features that have never been implemented in VR goggles before. The game will include an imitation of wind thanks to a pair of fans, a 3D audio system in the form of four speakers, or an imitation of a virtual load on controllers that users will even put on … feet. Of these more ordinary functions, we are talking about feedback in the form of vibrations.

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The HalfDive BMD set for augmented reality will include two displays with a resolution of 1600 × 1440 pixels and 90-hertz refreshing per eye, providing a field of view of 134 degrees. Interestingly, the engineers behind this kit also designed a custom 10-lens optical system with optional zoom lenses, but their price is going to be horendly – it will be a whole 4,000 dollars.

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Other hardware components of the HalfDive to VR Kit include DisplayPort 1.2 support, USB 3.0, 3.5mm audio jack, and 12V power input. Price? The basic model will cost $ 800, and the fully functional one, offering all the planned bells and whistles, will cost around $ 1,200, which is 3,000 and 4,600 zlotys respectively.

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