We know the production process of Apple A16 Bionic SoC for iPhone 14

We look under the hood of the iPhone 13 and iPad Mini, i.e. a few words about the Apple A15 Bionic

The iPhone 13 has not made a special appearance on the market, and it is already mentioned what will provide the computing power of the iPhone 14, which will debut in a year. This time it was the sources of the DigiTimes website that indicated the production process of the Apple A16 Bionic SoC, which will be used by TSMC.

Apple A16 Bionic SoC production process

As a successor to the current A15 Bionic, Apple A16 Bionic will certainly be more efficient, and according to current leaks about it, it will do it at the level of production technology. Instead of the 5 nm, which is used to produce A15 Bionic, Apple’s next-generation SoC is to reach the 4 nm process, ensuring a smaller size, lower power consumption and denser packing of transistors, thus higher efficiency.

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Apple has started using the 5nm process with the A14 Bionic chip in the iPhone 12 family and iPad Air, but the company has tried to make improvements at the architectural level to ensure an increase in possibilities. After switching to 4 nm in the case of A14 Bionic it will be much easier, which should repeat itself in two years, when the iPhone with A17 Bionic will most likely use an even more advanced 3 nm process.

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Although TSMC is reportedly struggling with it, it still has over a year to improve it and lead to trouble-free mass production. Apple will make sure of it with appropriate contracts and cash injections. Earlier it was even mentioned that A16 Bionic will be produced using the 3 nm process.

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