We know when Android P may debut

We know when Android P may debut

The new system from Google has been announced for a long time with new smartphones. Thanks to this, we were more or less able to determine the release date of the system. Thanks to the new leak, we are able to tell you the exact date.

The leak is from Avan Blass of @evleaks who shared some calendar. According to it, Android P is to debut on August 20 and it is then that the supported smartphones from the Pixel or Nexus series will receive the first updates. If nothing changes, the system will be available under the name Android 9.0.

Do you think such frequent Android updates make sense? Many older phones don’t have Android 8.0, let alone many don’t even have a previous version. Maybe programmers should focus on improving the existing versions of the system and not mass releasing new versions?

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Source: https://www.gsmarena.com/