What do people think about SpaceX Starship flights? A recent conference answers

o lotach SpaceX Starship, SpaceX Starship

Agreements are underway on whether to allow SpaceX to resume flights at its Boca Chica, Texas facility. This is done by the FAA, the US Federal Aviation Administration, which is based not only on its findings, but also on what local residents feel, and those about the SpaceX Starship flights had a lot to say.

Society about SpaceX Starship flights. These interrogations are key to conquering space

We get information both from the website CNET , what Ars Technica. Their representatives were there when the interrogations of the residents were taking place and they wrote down several statements that represent completely different approaches to flights related to the SpaceX spacecraft Starship. Ultimately, this is to provide astronauts and, at the same time, colonizers, transport directly from Earth to Mars.

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For more than three hours, the votes for the SpaceX flight permit at the Texas facility were completely different. Nothing unusual. Some expressed concerns about the peace and even safety of the area, which is notable for the words of Sharon Wilcox, a representative of the Defenders of Wildlife, a nonprofit conservation organization in Texas. The organization said its organization was “deeply concerned about the direct, indirect and cumulative effects” of frequently explosive rocket launches, which are also very loud by themselves.

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How can we fail to appreciate the wonderful view of giants soaring into the skies? On the other hand, people (especially those who did not live in the area) praised the company for its technology development and beneficial influence on society. “I am not only asking, but I am begging for their permission” – even such words were uttered during the interrogation, the last session of which will be closed on Wednesday (20.10). It is also then that the next stage that Elon Musk’s company is on the way to conquering space will be completed.

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