YouTube will automatically translate the comments

Another functionality is added to the YouTube mobile app – automatic translation of comments into our language. Fortunately, we can decide for ourselves whether we want to read them in the original or not.

YouTube will help us understand the comments

A lot of people like to read comments under the movies. You can learn a lot of interesting information from them, but the problem arises when they are written in a different language. And while English will not be a problem for a large number of people, Chinese or any other exotic language will. And here YouTube will come to the rescue.

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YouTube Premium users, in August this year, were able to test the feature of automatically translating comments into other languages. Apparently, the tests were successful and the functionality will now go to everyone. A new button will appear in the comments section, with the help of which we will translate the comment into a given language (the translator supports over 100 languages). YouTube claims that thanks to this, communication under the videos will not be linguistically limited, although the translation will certainly not be perfect.

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