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Asus Ge-Force GT 1030 LP Review | Reviews| Reviews

Hello my dear readers! Today I want to introduce you to the Asus Ge-Force GT-1030LP video card, which is not a shame to install in your stationary personal computer instead of integrated graphics in 2021 without spending a fortune on it!


Factory data
Guarantee 36 months
Manufacturer country Vietnam
Common parameters
Release year 2017
Reduced hash rate (LHR) Absent
Video memory specifications
Video memory size 2 GB
Memory type GDDR5
Memory bandwidth per contact 6 Gbps
Memory bus width 64 pages
Maximum memory bandwidth 48 GB / sec
Video processor specifications
Microarchitecture Pascal
Technical process 14 nm
Nominal frequency of the video chip 1228 MHz
Turbo frequency 1506 MHz
Shader ALU 384
Number of texture units 24
Number of ROP units 8
Shader version 5.0
Maximum processor temperature (C) 97°
Ray tracing support absent
Image output
Video connectors HDMI, DisplayPort
Maximum resolution 4K UHD, 4096×2160
Number of monitors connected at the same time 2 pcs
Connection interface PCI-E
PCI Express version 3.0
Support for multiprocessor configuration not supported
The need for additional food absent
Auxiliary power connectors absent
Maximum power consumption 30 watts
Recommended power supply 300 watts
Cooling system
Cooling type active air
Type and number of installed fans 1 axial
Dimensions (edit)
Low Profile Card is present
Number of occupied expansion slots 1
Graphics card length 169 mm
Graphics card thickness 21 mm
Equipment documentation
Features, optional NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync, GeForce Experience , NVIDIA PhysX, NVIDIA GameWorks , ASUS GPU Tweak II
Highlighting the elements of the video card absent
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Packaging and delivery set

Our video card is delivered in a box with color printing, predominantly green, the delivery set includes, in addition to the video card itself, waste paper and a socket for mounting in narrow cases.

The main nuance when choosing Ge-Force GT 1030

When choosing this video card, you need to take into account the fact that Ge-Force GT 1030 is of two types. The former comes with DDR4 memory and the latter comes with GDDR 5 memory. The version with GDDR5 memory is up to two times more productive, and the price of these two video adapters is practically the same.

“Look carefully on the packaging which memory is used in it and never take the option with GDDR 4 memory.”

Cooling system

The cooling system here is quite simple and does not have any heat pipes or other tinsel. Since this video device does not have super productive capabilities, its standard cooling is enough for the head.

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Since I disassembled the cooling system, I will replace the thermal paste and check the temperature of the video core using the FurMark test program to see if it drops much compared to the thermal paste applied by the manufacturer.

In this test, we used Evercool Thermal Grease, model Nano Diamond.

Temperature with old thermal paste

Temperature with new thermal paste

As you can see, the replacement of thermal paste did not give much results!

Ease of installation

It is quite convenient to install this video card in the system unit and it will fit into almost any case, since it has a small format and a special plug in the kit.

Test in games

Characteristics of the personal computer on which the testing was carried out.

Frame AeroCool Aero One Mini Frost (Black)
Motherboard GIGABYTE H410M S2H V2
CPU Intel Core i3-10105F BOX
Video card ASUS GeForce GT 1030 LP
Power Supply Deepcool DN550
RAM 16 ГБ AMD Radeon R7 Performance Series
SSD M2 drive 256GB SSD M.2 Drive DEXP L2 RGB
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We will test this video card in two popular games with automatic graphics settings. I will not regulate anything, let everything be by default. Since our video card is not super powerful and it is enough for us to understand whether we can while away the evening with many of our favorite toys.

Grand Theft Auto 5

As we see in Grand Theft Auto 5 on standard graphics settings, this video card shows quite normal graphics and stable, playable FPS, which is not bad for this kind of device.

World of Tanks

In World of Tanks, it is better to use medium graphics settings, although the game itself sets high graphics settings by default.

FPS on medium graphics settings

At my high graphics settings, WoT sags in batches up to 19 fps!


This video card has on board Display port and Hdmi for connecting monitors.

I have connected my monitor Samsung 27G3 on Display port cable, as my monitor supports 120fps passes only through this connector.

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It is a pity that with such a frame rate I will only be able to play CS GO on this video card.

Purchase history

After buying all the spare parts for the computer, the question arose about buying a video card since my intel Core i3 10105F processor does not have an integrated graphics core on its board.

Having climbed the sites and looked at the pricing policy, I realized that I had enough money either for the Ge-Force 710, which is a complete bottom even for work, since I think the NVIDIA manufacturer will very soon stop supporting this video card model. Or more suitable for my goals and objectives Ge-Force GT 1030.

As a result, I decided to undermine the budget a little and buy Ge-Force GT 1030 as this is a relatively new budget solution and its support will be longer. And since I no longer need frantic gaming performance due to the price tag of a used Japanese foreign car for a productive video card. I decided not to even think about buying it, since in order to get enough of it, it would be enough for me to buy a console in the form of an X-box series S “Cheap and angry” but effective for that!

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It’s good that I reviewed a bunch of different kinds of reviews before buying and there I found a lot of jokes from manufacturers that should be considered when choosing this video card.

At first I came across the Ge-Force GT 1030 from Gigabyte, which looks like a great solution for budget gaming, but it was not there. After reading all sorts of information about her. I realized that the type of video memory in it costs DDR 4, not GDDR 5, and this greatly affects the performance, which in turn drops almost twice with the installed DDR4 video memory. Although they have the same price tag!

At the time of purchase, I already knew that I needed to carefully read the technical specifications of the video card, since the DDR 5 memory type is much more productive.

After the purchase Ge-Force 1030 I immediately rolled my beloved onto my computer Grand Theft Auto 5 and began to pass it with pleasure, since this video card allows you to enjoy the average graphics settings in this project without much difficulty and discomfort. And since I was not spoiled by high graphics settings and bought this game even at the start of sales at X-Box 360 and played with pleasure.

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  1. Cold
  2. Acceptable performance
  3. Support for 4K monitors
  4. Support for simultaneously connected two monitors


  1. High price
  2. Poor performance considering the price tag of the video card


Ge-Force GT 1030 now the only video card before 9000 rubles which is able to pull a lot of computer games “but not all” at low or medium graphics settings. And since there are simply no options, the purchase of such a video card with GDDR 5 I consider memory to be the most profitable purchase for a home computer or for using a computer as a media center.