Anthony Pompiano – “Bitcoin will reach $ 100,000 by 2021”

“Bitcoin will reach $ 100,000 by 2021”

Co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompiano (Anthony Pompliano) predicted that by 2021 the Bitcoin rate will reach $ 100,000. According to him, he is 70-75% sure in his forecast.

In an interview Pompiano noted that this forecast is based on the basic principles of classical economics of supply and demand. Even in the era of innovative digital assets, they do not lose their strength and relevance.

The main reason for the powerful jump in the Bitcoin rate should be the halving of the miners’ reward, which will be held in May next year. At the same time, a significant number of institutional investors are not yet aware of the reduction in bitcoin production. In addition, most will buy the first cryptocurrency in the hope of growth, to continue the trend.

Also, the cryptocurrency enthusiast noted the increased regulation of the industry, inflows of institutional capital, record trade volumes and an atmosphere of instability in the global economic arena.

“Time is the best proponent of Bitcoin. Last August, I predicted that Bitcoin would drop to $ 3,000 before returning to $ 10,000. And I was right. Now I think that the rate will go to $ 100,000, but there will be more volatility. There will be both periods of parabolic growth, both in June and kickbacks by 20-30%. Periodically, people will call certain levels as the maximum, but they will be wrong, ”Pompiano said.

According to the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, the release of the stable Libra will become a “bullish” signal. Not only Libra will grow, but the whole industry.

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Recently, a cryptocurrency enthusiast and founder of the Galaxy Digital investment bank Michael Novogratz, in an interview with Bloomberg, said that in the next couple of years, the Bitcoin rate will reach $ 40,000.

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