In Russia, a system for protecting subscribers from calls from spoof numbers will work

SOCHI, 25 Oct — PRIME. The Antifraud system, which will limit the ability of fraudsters to use number spoofing technology, will work in Russia in 2023, Andrey Lipov, head of Roskomnadzor, said.

“Next year, the Antifraud system will also start working, which will limit the possibilities of fraudsters to use number spoofing technology. Already this year, we will begin its test operation with the participation of several major telecom operators,” he said at the Spektr forum.

The head of Roskomnadzor noted that according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in January-July this year alone, operators sent more than 17 million requests to verify the accuracy of subscriber data. “In addition, on March 1 next year, a system will be launched to automatically detect illegal SIM cards. The system has already become an additional incentive for telecom operators to identify users in accordance with the law,” Lipov said.