GitHub Libra Code draws criticism from users

GitHub Libra Code draws criticism from users

The GitHub Libra’s criticism

Libre’s project on GitHub sparked the interest of over 10,000 platform users, generating numerous comments. Up to now, over 1,000 clones of the base code have been created, modified by other developers.

The main issues raised by those who analyzed the project are minor, but the major criticism is the lack of decentralization. However, the Libra Association, the manager of the crypto project, stressed that the blockchain is at the beginning and that it will evolve along the way.

Jameson Lopp, CTO of Crypto House, said the main questions are about the programming language developed by Facebook.

“There is also the question of whether non-validators will be able to run nodes to download all transaction blocks and verify them,

he said.

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Binance Launchpad announces IEO Elrond

Elrond is the newest blockkahin project that organizes an initial exchange offer (IEO) on the Launchpad a Binance platform. The project sells 5 billion ERD token (25% of the total offer) for a total of 3.25 million dollars. Considering the previous success of Binance Launchpad, Elrond should have no problem raising this amount.

Elrond builds a blockchain focused on scalability, and the team says the network can deliver up to 10,000 transactions per second. Elrond’s “Zero to One” test reached a maximum of 12,500 transactions per second.

Craig Wright claims he does not have control over the original Bitcoin addresses

In the case of the heirs of David Kleiman, Craig Wright claimed that he did not have control over the original addresses containing Bitcoin cryptomonas mined at the start of the project.

The accusers argued that Wright “falsified a series of contracts involving the transfer of Dave’s assets to Craig.” These assets include $ 5 billion of Bitcoin.

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In his turn, Wright claimed that he had made Kleiman’s private wallet keys before his death and that he had dropped the Bitcoin project in 2010.

Craig Wright continues to claim that he is the creator of Bitcoin, but he does not control the mined cryptomonas at first.

Iranian authorities confiscate 1000 Bitcoin mining equipment

Iranian authorities seized about 1,000 Bitcoin miners from two abandoned factories, according to RadioFreeEurope.

Following an action on June 27, a spokesman for the Ministry of Energy said the cryptomonas mining operations have destabilized the electricity grid and affected electricity access for households and businesses. He warned that the government will continue to continue to shut down mining operations that have proliferated in recent years.

Electricity consumption in the country increased by 7%, according to the minister, due to the low electricity price in Iran. Also, the unstable economy has led the population to focus on mining and the use of cryptomonas. Currently, this activity is not legal in Iran.

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The Central Bank is currently working on a bill banning the use of cryptomonas as a means of payment. Also, those interested in carrying out mining activities must obtain approval.

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