A luxury terrain conquest tank you can buy. This is the Ripsaw EV3-F4

A unique luxury recreational tank in the form of the Ripsaw EV3-F4 has appeared at the Hemmings auction. As of this writing, its price is up to $ 425,000 and the auction, which runs until October 2, is watched by over 450 people. Regardless of its result, one thing is certain – this vehicle is clearly worth a few moments of attention.

Each of us can buy their own luxury Ripsaw EV3-F4 tank

To call the Ripsaw EV3-F4 a tank is no exaggeration. You will not find weapons on board, but the corresponding Howe & Howe company has extensive experience in the field of military, because it produces military vehicles, but “on the side” offers products for individual customers. The equipment being auctioned is one example.

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The Ripsaw EV3-F4 has polyurethane tracks and 51 centimeters of ground clearance to handle any terrain. Although it may seem austere on the outside, the cabin pampers with high-quality leather-covered Recaro front seats with heating and ventilation. In front of the driver’s seat is a shuttlecock similar to that “quirky steering wheel” from Tesla’s new S Plaid Models, as well as two 12-inch touch displays from Garmin. This, however, is accompanied by another, unique screen that displays external cameras with a 360-degree view both in infrared and with heat signatures in mind.

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This luxury tank is powered by a 6.6-liter Duramax V8 turbodiesel with 800 horsepower and a torque of 2033 Nm, no wonder. The Ripsaw EV3-F4 weighs a whole 4.5 tons, but it is said to be one of the fastest tracked vehicles in the world, which, according to the American company Ripsaw, can reach a top speed of 97 kilometers per hour.