A single-stage space plane in the Radian plans. It is intended to take passengers into orbit from traditional airports

Shree Airlines Bombardier Q400
Shree Airlines Bombardier Q400

The company Radian from Washington, after six years on the market, decided to reveal itself to the world with an ambitious project. This company intends to make the single-stage spacecraft not unheard of at traditional airports and, on top of that, to be reusable, while retaining take-off levels, as is the case with Virgin Galactic and Virgin Orbit.

Radian’s plans include a unique single-stage spacecraft called the Radian One

While these efforts by Virgin Galactic and Virgin Orbit included a plane taking off horizontally, they had to use a second stage (another form of propulsion) to reach orbit. With just 18 employees, however, Radian Aerospace is confident that a single-stage spacecraft is indeed possible and will be not only easy to operate, but also cost-effective.

If all goes according to plan, this single-stage spacecraft will be the first in the world, though not the first attempt to create it (we remember the Boeing VentureStar / X-33). At the moment, the road is still long, because Radian has just finished testing its first full-size engine and is still implementing the Radian One project, which will be able to fly into space with five people and up to a payload of 2,267 kg.

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It will owe these possibilities to three liquid fuel engines, the full potential of which will be activated in flight to reach orbit and spend up to five days there. When landing, it will require any runway at least 3048 meters long, and it will be able to set off on a new mission in just 48 hours.