A way to free increase the resolution of photos with AMD FSR

Originally, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution was supposed to provide us with higher fluidity and quality in games, but Rys Sommefeldt, a graphics architect who works with AMD, threw an FSR-based tool on Github in the form of CLI that allows you to quickly and freely increase the resolution of photos.

AMD FSR already allows you to increase the resolution of photos

However, “quick and easy” will only be a console if you do not get scared of the compilation requirement (eg in Visual Studio), because the tool works only with the use of commands, but they are far from being very complex. In fact, only two commands are enough – Edge-Adaptive Spatial Upsampling (EASU) and Robust Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (RCAS), of which RCAS can be adjusted in increments of 0.1 unit by adjusting the sharpness level.

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Thanks to this, you can scale the image from a lower resolution to a higher one (no, it’s not the same as what you will do in, for example, Paint), while maintaining a much higher quality. The effects are reportedly not as great as with the use of advanced tools (eg Gigapixel AI from Topaz Labs), but they present a phenomenal level, as for a free way to increase the resolution of photos.

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So you can use it not only for old photos, but also, for example, in the form of an experiment to see exactly the effect of FSR rescaling of a screenshot from the game in Full HD to 4K.