How does FSR improve Far Cry 6? We know the liquidity increases thanks to the AMD feature

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Far Cr 6 will be released on October 7 on new and old generation consoles, Windows devices or news like Amazon Luna or Google Stadia. However, AMD has already released a new video of how FSR is improving Far Cry 6.

AMD showed how FSR improves Far Cry 6

Thus, we got the first glimpse into the liquidity increase that we can expect from the inclusion of Fidelity FX Super Resolution in Far Cry 6. Without extension, you will find them below.

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They were published for a reason, and because Far Cry 6 is part of the Raise the Game program, which guaranteed the game, among others, support from AMD with optimization and implementation of functions. Unfortunately, the company did not give a good “information show” here. She didn’t mention what was in the test rig or what exactly the graphics settings she had activated.

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We only know that the computer was equipped with “AMD hardware” (this suggests that the newest one), and the game was launched in 4K. The increase in liquidity after activating the FSR in Far Cry 6 can be estimated at about 44%, but the remaining issues (whether the graphics suit us), we have to assess for ourselves.