AMD FSR plug-in in Unreal Engine 4

FidelityFX Super Resolution technology is supposed to be “for everyone” and “in everything”, and the integration of this work by AMD in one of the most popular graphics engines in the world will definitely help. Officially, the Unreal Engine 4 engine has the AMD FSR plugin.

Thanks to AMD, developers already have access to the FSR technology in Unreal Engine 4 in the form of a plug-in

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Unreal Engine 4’s FSR plugin requires version 4.271.1 of the graphics engine, and if you are interested in a similar solution, but for UE5, unfortunately we have to wait for that. The company, however, not only announced the launch of the plug-in, but also provided valuable information for developers, mentioning the need to disable Contrast Adaptive Sharpening and the option to connect FSR with TAAU through a special Hybrid Upscaling mode.

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In addition, AMD explained in a simple and fun way the four available settings that scale the resolution from 50% to 77%. Among them there is the highest efficiency (Performance) and Ultra Quality mode, as well as the “more balanced” ones, ie Balanced (scaling from 59% of the final resolution) and Quality (scaling from 67%). The strength of the upscaling effect can be modified with the ScreenPercentage option.