AMD, something ‘BIG’ is coming: that’s what it is ? Radeon PRO W6000

It’s a Radeon PRO, there’s no doubt about it. The blue and gray colored heatsink, the six mini DisplayPort ports, the single blower fan : these are all clues that leave no room for interpretation. As for the technical specifications, even here it is very easy to think of a solution based on Navi 21 , the top of the range RDNA 2 GPU from AMD, also called “Big Navi”. The “BIG” in the title of the teaser trailer appears as a clear reference to the graphics chip.

Radeon PRO, there's no doubt about it

The new card will shape the Radeon PRO W6000 solutions that will clash in the workstation market with Nvidia’s proposals based on Ampere and Turing GPUs, as is the case in other market areas. We will have to wait until June 8 to find out if AMD will present a card, more models or an entire lineup of proposals, but the latest rumors report that the announcement should affect two models, Radeon PRO W6800 and W6600, which would leave room for possible other news in the near future.

Radeon PRO W6000
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