another vulnerability that could be exploited by the network

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Tired of the gaps that were high on the agenda a few months ago? Honestly speaking, yes, because traditionally it turned out that the proverb “little rain from a large cloud” finds its justification in reality. Of course, unless you manage servers – there, the performance problem was bothering, for example, for Epic Games studio. Now, however, Specter is experiencing a real renaissance, because its variation called “NetSpectre”, to which Intel processors are susceptible, has been found.

However, you still do not have to worry if you do not have important data on your computer or you do not log into valid accounts. This time, we owe the discovery of a new vulnerability in processor security to researchers from the Graz University of Technology. NetSpectre is able to remotely read memory, and more precisely information passing through the processor without the requirement to execute any script, program installation or launching a malicious application. This means that the scammer can steal your data simply from being on the same network as the attacked computer.

The whole thing is based on the AVX2 register code, which means that pulling only 1 byte equals more than 30 minutes of operation. In short, it consists in the fact that a special application, in a way, counts the successes and failures of the processor that it suffers while performing tasks, which in turn gives time from which information can be inferred. This seems, of course, to be tedious and too slow. However, when the fraudster knows where to look for, for example, an archive code, password or login, everything comes down to simple steps. Of course, it is based on the source’s reports, because I do not have such skills in exploiting gaps myself.

Intel referred to this research and confirmed the existence of NetSpectre. Of course, work is already underway to secure this vulnerability. Everything indicates that this problem is present only in the case of blue processors, which is indicated by the presence of the AVX2 register there.

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Source: Arstechnica

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