Antminer x3 Hashrate – Profitability (Monero) | Specs | Set-up

Antminer x3 Hashrate - Profitability (Monero) and Specs Setup

Antminer x3 – Find out how to set up and maximize profit, the specifications, the coins to mine (monero) and other vital information. Not so long ago, Bitmain announced the release of the new Antminer x3. This equipment will allow you to quickly and easily mine non-stop cryptocurrency. The principle of operation of Antminer x3 is pretty clear. Even a person who never deals with such devices will figure it out. –

Cryptocurrency mining is one of the most popular ways of passive earnings. However, before mining virtual currency, you should choose and buy suitable equipment.

One such device is the ASIC miner Antminer X3 from the well-known manufacturer Bitmain. In terms of its TX and the hashrate to the power consumption ratio, the model surpasses most of the analogs released at the same time, but it supports mining on the not very popular CryptoNight algorithm. Description of its parameters and features will help to get acquainted with ASIC’s capabilities in more detail.

Antminer x3 – Characteristics

  • Mining with Antminer is based on the CryptoNight algorithm. 
  • It supports a hash rate of up to 220 KH / s
  • consumes only 550 watts of electricity. 
  • The weight of the device is 7 kilograms. 

The company does not sell more than one instance of the Antminer miner to each buyer. Such characteristics are painted on paper. But in real work, the equipment shows itself more powerfully.

Antminer x3 – Description

The miner antminer x3 batch 1 is released in two batches. The first will arrive to customers in May, the second will be distributed in June. To get antminer x3 batch 2, it is enough to periodically go to the company’s official website at until May 31 at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. and monitor the announcement of the start of trading. It is still unknown whether the next batch of antminer x3 batch 3 will go on sale

Specifications Antminer X3

The Bitmain ANTminer X3 model was created for the extraction of a specific cryptocurrency – Monero (XMR). And, taking into account the gradual decrease in prices, the device was to become one of the best products in the manufacturer’s line. The expectations of buyers of Bitmain ANTminer X3 did not quite materialize, however, taking into account its parameters, it still remains quite productive among the equipment running on the CryptoNight algorithm.

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Mining Speed ​​(Hashrate)220 Kh / s
Power consumption0.55 kWh
Mining algorithmCryptonight
Management boardL3 + / D3 / A3
Noise level74-76 dB
Working temperature0-40 ° C
Device dimensions33.4 x 12.5 x 20.7 cm
Miner weight7 kg
Network connectionEthernet

Where to buy and how much

At the first appearance on sale, the Antminer X3 model could be purchased on the official website of the manufacturer. The initial cost of the device was $ 11,999, which made the ASIC a serious enough investment. However, with the increasing difficulty of mining the Monero coin, the miner’s payback, which was about 60 days at first, fell, and the company had to lower the price.

Official Bitmain website –

The second revision, released in June 2018, was already on sale for $ 7,599. Still later, the cost dropped to $ 2999, and then to $ 1999. In 2019, you can buy Antminer X3 not only from the manufacturer, but also in online stores. The cost of the device is noticeably different, and can be in the range of $ 700-2500. On the other hand, the payback of the model increased even more than its price fell.

Antminer X3 – Connection, Setup and walkthrough

Antminer X3 - Connection, Setup and walkthrough

The setup and connection process of ANTminer X3 does not take much time from the user. The procedure in this case is as follows:

  1. Connect the power supply by connecting one connector with the control panel, and the rest with the ASIC housing.
  2. Connect the equipment to the router using a network cable.
  3. Check the connection by running the miner. In the absence of power problems, you can see the lit LED indicators and hear the noise of the fans.
  4. Determine the IP address of the device using special applications or a browser by opening the page with information about the router.
  5. If necessary, configure ANTminer X3 using its web interface by changing the update settings, frequency and power of the processor.
  6. Save settings and restart ASIC miner.
 install and configure working equipment

It takes no more than 10 minutes to install and configure working equipment. If you have problems, you should watch the video clip at the end of the article. If everything went fine, you can proceed to the next step – connecting to the pool and choosing a coin for mining.

Pool change

You can use different methods to connect ASIC to the pool. The easiest is to install a special Hive OS operating system . Mining is configured as follows:

  1. The transition to the Flight Sheets is in progress.
  2. The name of the cryptocurrency is indicated, a wallet and a pool are selected.
  3. The miner option is indicated.
  4. A flight sheet is created.
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 connect ASIC to the pool

The start of cryptocurrency mining begins with the transition to the subsection “Workers” and clicking on the rocket icon. Having selected the flight sheet and clicking “Apply”, the user starts mining.

If necessary, switch to work in another pool, you should make changes to the settings.

Search for a profitable coin

When choosing the best way to make a profit, you should pay attention to pools working on the basis of P2Pool and Nicehash . They not only support the CryptoNight algorithm, but also provide a high level of protection against scam. Although checking ANTminer X3 in Nicehash showed that mining on these pools can cause problems, including a hash equal to zero.

The most profitable coins in 2019 for this device should be chosen using mining calculators. The best options for earning, the profit from the extraction of which exceeds the cost of electricity and allows you to quickly pay back the purchase style – cryptocurrencies XNB and DERO. It also makes sense to mine KRB, ETN, SUMO and X12 coins.

What you need to know about ANTminer X3

When buying ASIC it is worth knowing about it and such features:

  • the noise generated by the ANTminer X3 model from the cooling system reaches 74 dB, so it is advisable to install it in a non-residential premises or in a housing with good noise insulation;
  • ANTminer X3 repair under warranty is possible only if no more than six months have passed since the purchase and the operating conditions have not been violated;
  • buying ANTminer X3 will be more profitable than ordering a new model – even if there is no guarantee, ASIC has a long resource, and the ratio of performance to price for this option is better.

Depending on the changes in the cryptocurrency market, the value of the model may change. However, at the moment its purchase is still profitable.

Payback Antminer X3 and the choice of cryptocurrency for mining\

Payback Antminer X3 and the choice of cryptocurrency for mining

Payback Antminer X3 and the choice of cryptocurrency for mining

The cost of Antminer X3 at the moment is $ 1255. Although it was intended for mining the  Monero cryptocurrency, but after the hard fork it became not so profitable. At the moment, in addition to Monero, there are other profitable cryptocurrencies based on the CryptoNight algorithm.

  • Cryptonotecoin
  • Bytecoin (~ $ 8-11 per day)
  • Boolberry
  • DarkNetCoin
  • Fantomcoin
  • Pebblecoin
  • Quazarcoin
  • Aeon
  • Doctorbyte
  • Infinium-8
  • Moneta verde
  • Dosh
  • Magnatoj
  • Redwind
  • Tavos
  • Electroneum

Calculation of payback X3 in 2019

The situation with mining in 2019 shows that the payback periods of most devices have increased significantly. So, farms assembled using powerful video cards can pay for themselves within 3, 5 and even 8-10 years, which makes their use disadvantageous. To determine the feasibility of buying ANTminer X3, you can determine its profitability per day when mining various cryptocurrencies. To do this, you can use the website , which determines the profit level for coins mined using the CryptoNight algorithm.

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As the mining calculator shows when entering the ANTminer X3 parameters, the revenue from most coins does not exceed $ 2.68 per day, and some coins can be mined at a loss:

  • If you mine XNB a day, you can earn $ 2.68. With an average cost of electricity in the country of about 3.7 rubles or $ 0.057, taking into account the ASIC’s round-the-clock work, the daily profit will be $ 1.93. The payback period of a device purchased for $ 770 is 399 days ;
  • The daily profitability of ANTminer X3 for the production of DERO coins is $ 1.89, net profit is $ 1.14, and the average payback period is 675 days .
  • For coins KRB, Electroneum, Sumokin and X12 Coin, the payback indicators were at a fairly high level and amounted to 865, 1132, 1166 and 1540 days in March 2019 , respectively.

As the calculator shows, ANTminer X3 is still a profitable device for mining cryptocurrency. Although the payback period has increased markedly. On the other hand, the same terms for video cards are even more serious, and buying an X3 is still more profitable than a GPU farm.

The complexity of mining and the rates of other cryptocurrencies have led to the fact that it is not profitable to mine them using this ASIC in 2019. It is noteworthy that in the list of coins that are not suitable for mining on the ASIC ANTminer X3, there was a Monero coin, for which it was intended.

Calculation of payback X3 in 2019

Customer reviews

Customer Reviews from and

I bought equipment in mid-2018. He hoped to recoup the purchase within six months. Just did not take into account that coin prices will fall. Now I’ve switched from Monero to Xeonbit, and I think that I will start earning money on Asics already in 2020.

At current rates, I see that it is only possible to make money on Antminer X3 only if the electricity is free – or if you pay for it at some kind of discount. Although the model, even with a small income, still suits me – it does not spend a lot of electricity, does not take up space, and is noisier than a computer with a gaming video card.

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