Antminer DR5 Miner (34Th) – Hashrate | Profitability | Specs

Antminer DR5 Miner (34Th) - Hashrate | Profitability | Specs

Take a look at the BitMain Antminer DR5 and its Specification, Profitability, the best coins to mine with it and also its hashrate. New mining machines continue to be released despite the temporary stagnation in the virtual payment asset market. So not only enthusiastic miners but business sharks are confident in the bright future of the crypto industry. Otherwise, no one would invest huge amounts in the development of the next ASIC series. Bitmain sets the pace of the cryptocurrency arms race. Soon, after the release of miners using 7-nanometer chips, under the SHA-256 algorithm, the company put on the market a batch of antminer dr5 devices working with Blake256R14.

Specification Antminer DR5

Specification Antminer DR5

Appearance, reminiscent of S15 and T15. Two-section housing, with front 120 mm fans and a power supply attached to the brackets on the right. Let us consider in more detail what the miner has, characteristics and features of work.

(maximum performance)
35 TH / s
(power saving mode)
25/26 TH / s
Power consumption1610
Power Consumption
(Eco Mode)
Energy Efficiency
(at maximum performance)
46 J / TH
Energy Efficiency
40 J / TH
Number of Hash Chips216
Number of hash boards3
Network connectionRJ45 Ethernet10 / 100M
Dimensions238/178 / 297mm
Net weight)7.7 kg
Noise level76 db
Working ambient temperature25 – 40C
Dimensions bitmain dr5

Dimensions bitmain dr5, weight, and energy consumption are quite acceptable. The miner develops a good production speed, the working temperature in the room is standard for this type of device.

Official stores

You can buy an antminer DR5 miner in Moscow from a regional Bitmain dealer, at, or order directly from the manufacturer. At the time of writing, the price of antminer dr5 in the Bitmain stock is $ 1316, you can pay with dollars, Euro or Bitcoins.

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 price of antminer dr5 in the Bitmain stock is $ 1316

Step-by-step setup and connection guide

When you receive a new miner, first of all, inspect the packaging. Take a picture of the damage, if any. Similarly, inspect the device itself. Check that all chip cooling radiators are firmly glued. To do this, it is enough to turn the miner several times, the fallen off details will immediately make themselves felt.

Then we check the fixing of the cables in the connectors, and go on to configure antminer DR5. If you have already worked with devices on integrated circuits, you will not learn anything new from the instructions.

configuration of antminer DR5

The configuration of antminer DR5 begins by determining the IP address.

  • Download the IP lookup utility at
  • Unpack the archive, run as administrator and click ” Start “.
  • On the miner’s panel, click the “ IP Report ” button and you will see the address in the program window on the PC.
run as administrator and click
Download the IP lookup utility
  • Copy the received IP address to the address bar of the browser, and go to the miner control panel.

It is recommended that you use the Google Chrome or Firefox utilities . The username and password are “ root ”, set by default. If you have three or more devices, enter a static IP address, subnet mask, SWG, DNS, then click Save and Apply.

SWG, DNS, then click Save and Apply

Go to the pool settings

Go to the pool settings
  • Click the Miner Configuration tab, and then General Settings .
  • Enter the pool URL and miner name (in the Worker section). Password is optional.
Miner Configuration tab, and then General Settings
  • Click “ Save and Apply ” again , and connect to the selected pool.

If you have several rigs, you can group them or differentiate them by adding their IP address to the name of the miner. Supporters of work in the hive will have to disappoint, unfortunately, the dr5 miner is not yet included in the Hive OS client for ASICs list.

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Hive OS client for ASICs list

Overclocking device

To change the power mode, go to Miner configuration, then Advanced Settings, select:

  • Normal high performance;
  • Low economical consumption.
Low economical consumption

Click Save & Apply to save the hardware configuration.

Apply to save the hardware configuration

Configuring antminer DR5 is complete. It takes 5 to 30 minutes to start production. During normal operation, the status “O” will be displayed. An “X” indicates an error, and (-) means the device is offline.

To determine the version of the installed antminer DR5 firmware, go to the Overview section. The file system version displays the date of the last update of your miner.

determine the version of the installed antminer DR5 firmware

To upgrade firmware:

antminer DR5 firmware
  • Go to Upgrade.
  • Uncheck if you need to reset the miner.
  • Press the button with the hieroglyphs and go to the update file.
  • Select the update file and click Flash image, if there is a new antminer DR5 firmware, the green marker will light up.
  • When complete, perform Reboot.

This completes the antminer DR5 firmware. You can restore the factory settings using the physical Reset button on your device. Press and hold it for 10 seconds; upon successful reset, the red indicator will blink.

The alternative firmware versions of bitmain antminer dr5 34 Th / s have not yet been detected. However, the antminer dr5 speed is 34 TH / s, while the power consumption is 1610 Watt, a good indicator. The previous dr3 model developed only 7.8 TH / s.

What you need to know about DR5

Speaking about the advantages of antminer dr5, one cannot fail to mention the prospects of the mining algorithm. Blake-256 entered the top five finalists of the prestigious NIST technology competition.

According to experts, Blake-256 is superior in many respects to the algorithms SHA256, Scrypt, Groestl. The miner itself, like all Bitmain products, is assembled efficiently and is easy to configure.Of course, if you turn on the DR5 miner in a residential building, the noise will be heard throughout the staircase. Therefore, you need to take additional measures of noise isolation, and it is better to place such devices in special mining hotels.

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DR5 payback calculation, profitability in 2019

ASIC’s review will be incomplete without calculating current profitability. We go to all the famous miner calculator WhatToMine and find in Miners section (beta) Bitmain Antminer DR5, the yield at the time of this writing is $ 0.61.

Most profitable coins for Bitmain Antminer D5

Do not panic, the service considers electricity at a rate of 0.1 $ per hour, if you take a tariff of 0.06 $, the yield of antminer dr5 will increase to $ 2.33.

Most profitable coins for Bitmain Antminer D5 34th

Low profits, but the winter on the cryptocurrency market is coming to an end and the money invested will return handsomely. Antminer dr5 profitability calculator readings may change tomorrow.

About the bitmain antminer dr5 miner, reviews on cryptocurrency forums are still few. ASIC has recently appeared on the market and has not yet been appreciated. Nevertheless, the device, according to the WhatToMine profitability calculator, takes the second place in the ranking of Decred cryptocurrency equipment. The main competitor of MicroBT Whatsminer D1 costs $ 4 199 and brings $ 3.21 per day. So, antminer dr5 will pay off anyway.

Well, for those who still think that cryptocurrencies are just a “soap bubble”, not a big digression into history. Back in 1998, the famous programmer and law doctor Nick Szabo wrote:

“Digital currency can be significantly improved by cryptographic signatures that will make each coin unique and eliminate the possibility of copying, double spending and other theft options.”

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