Antminer S7 Mining Rate – Review | Specification | Profitability

Antminer S7 Mining Rate - Review Specification Profitability

Check out Antminer S7 Mining Rate (hashrate) and profitability before you purchase. This is formation is very vital for your success.

We have prepared for you a material with a review of the current AntMiner AntMiner S7 from the company BITMAIN. The model was released in September 2015, immediately began to dominate the cryptocurrency market due to power consumption and a high level of hashing. The remaining benefits were pleasant bonuses to the above characteristics. In all generations, one common feature is traced – they are the most productive of the line at the time of release. S7 is a great option for mining cryptocurrency today.

The S7 mining machine has several advantages. This is the best price / quality ratio. At an affordable cost, the miner gives decent performance.

Antminer S7 – Overview and specifications

Originally, S7 was used in the extraction of the most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. A bit later the mining of the Altcoins began to appear. Today I recommend to follow the courses and throw the equipment on the extraction of profitable coins. When ordering equipment from the manufacturer, the buyer receives the goods in the box. Approximate weight is 4 kg. The kit comes not only ASIC, but also a guarantee, and instructions with recommendations and characteristics of the device.

During the initial review, it may seem that something is booming inside the structure. This sound comes from the boards, which hit the aluminum case during movements, as they are not fully secured, and for technological features, there was a gap of about half a millimeter. When powering up and connecting to some power supply units, problems may arise, so it is best to use BitMain recommended 1600W APW3, which has performed well in many tests.

After launch, the user will be able to get acquainted with the interface

Antminer S7 interface overview

Here you can also look at the status of the equipment:

antminer-s7  equipment interface

Even in the conditions of an ordinary apartment, Asik is able to show the results that are within the limits stated by the manufacturer. But the results can always be improved if you prepare the room for the equipment: create a good ventilation system to cool the air.

On the equipment, the temperature rises to just 80 degrees, which is the extreme point. Usually, with sufficient cooling, the indicator does not exceed 65 degrees. The main thing – to monitor the difference between the temperature of the blades, the amplitude of which should not exceed 20 degrees.

Payback and profitability in 2019

In 2019, it is difficult to assemble a station that could pay off in a short time. This is due to the increased complexity of solving blocks, which reduced the profitability from mining by half. In the future, the situation will depend on the course of Bitcoin.

Reference: all calculations are approximate and based on BTC, were carried out using

As an example, calculations can be made based on the values:

  1. Pool fee: 2.5%.
  2. 1 kWh = 5.59 rubles.
  3. Calculating one block brings 12.5 BTC.
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The final calculations show that mining at S7 will be non-profit, monthly earnings will be less than 100 rubles. But if the miner can find cheap electricity (some illegally connect to the public network, but for such an offense threatens a fine), or leave the station to work only at night, when reduced tariffs apply. After all, the main item of expenditure is electricity, which, while reducing, will be able to bring profit. Actual calculation of earnings on S7:

Even with the use of S7-LN and the adjustments made for the Hash Rate, earnings will increase slightly: 300 rubles per month. The actual calculation of earnings on S7-LN:

But any fall of Bitcoin will bring big losses, as it is profitable to sell and make a profit from the coin will not work. Bitcoin’s earnings on the Antminer S7 are not large due to the rate and small hashrate by modern standards. Based on this data, payback will occur in a very long period of time. Therefore, the use of Antminer S7 in modern conditions is unprofitable, it is best to pay attention to modern Antminer S9 and other analogues.

Electricity consumption, comparison with other models

Comparative table describing the characteristics of electricity consumption:

ASIC minerPower consumptionHashrate
Antminer S71293 W4.73 TH / s
Antminer S5590 W1.15 TH / s
Antminer S91350 W13.5 TH / s
Antminer R4845 W8.6 TH / s
Ebit E9 Plus Miner1305 W9 TH / s

Analyzing the table, it becomes clear that S7 is not the most economical option. Comparing with the more advanced version of the AntMiner S9, the power consumption is 57 W less, which is an insignificant difference. But the difference in hashrate more than 3 times is a clear indicator of the presence of technological differences. The only thing that may not allow purchasing a new version is its cost. If the buyer is interested in profitability and profitability, then it is best to pay attention to S9. That is why many try to somehow earn money on the Antminer S7, because you can buy it for less than 500 USD.

Characteristics of the Antminer S7-LN were not taken into account due to the large number of modifications created by the users themselves, so when buying used ASIC, you can get balanced equipment that is slightly less than the standard model. While buying another AntMiner S7-LN can “donate” to its owner equipment with very low rates.

For better performance of the Antminer S7, it is recommended to use a BitMain 1600W APW3 power supply. Together, the two devices create the perfect tandem, which allows you to reduce losses in the transmission of electricity to 7%. But when buying such a unit, you need to take into account that it can only work from a 205 volt outlet, and the 16A cord will have to be bought by the owner himself, since it is not supplied in the kit. Also, Bitmain is also suitable for upgrading the system to Antminer S9.

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And when you buy Antminer S7-LN from the manufacturer, the owner in the kit will additionally receive a 1000 watt power supply from Enermax. To reduce power consumption, it is recommended to maintain low temperatures indoors.

Antminer S7 Hardware Settings

Setting up equipment for mining Antminer S7 is only in the input of pool data and their settings. The IP address will be found automatically. Once all the preparatory work has been completed, the hardware will start hashing automatically.

 Antminer S7  Hardware Settings

This option allows the miner to manually control the rotational speed of the fan that cools the station.

Antminer S7 also supports overclocking, which can be selected in advanced settings, which are recommended to be used only by those users who already have experience and understand the consequences of their actions for ASIC:

 Antminer S7  Hardware configuration

The user may encounter the following possible problems with Antminer S7:

  1. Temperature exceeds 80 degrees – hot melt glue or sensor is damaged. Solution: put hot melt glue or send a card for repair.
  2. Temperature is not displayed – sensor is damaged. Solution: identify the faulty hash card and send it for repair.
  3. Low hash rate, ASIC status has “X” sign – hash card chip is damaged. Solution: damage is not critical, does not need repairs.
  4. Low hashing speed, ASIC status shows a lot of “X” signs – several chips are damaged, which led to a complete breakdown of the hash board. Solution: repair board.
  5. Low hash rate, ASIC status shows signs “-” – unstable voltage. Solution: change the power supply, if that doesn’t help, then the board repair is an effective solution.
  6. Low hashing rate, some chips are not shown in ASIC status – the chip chain is broken. Solution: repair board.

Equipment prices

Purchase of equipment is worth making only when the miner already has the appropriate software for decrypting Bitcoin and chose a pool where mining will take place.

The initial price of Bitmain Antminer s7 was equal to 2,000 US dollars, but over time the cost dropped to 440 USD. For this amount, the buyer receives a new product from the manufacturer, but only if it is in stock. Slightly more expensive equipment can be purchased on Amazon: 550 USD for a new, 500 USD for used.

The price of the Antminer S7-LN, which can be purchased from the manufacturer for 290 USD, is much lower on Amazon. The price is much higher: 440 USD for a new one, 400 USD for the used one. On Amazon, you can also find modified LN, which are characterized by increased power, at the same time consume less electricity and practically do not emit noise and do not generate heat.

Over time, the prices of the Antminer S7 will continue to fall, as the equipment remains in the background, as models that are much more productive and more powerful than the 2015 product come to the market.

Reviews of S7

In 2015, the product showed good results, with the result that the reviews were relevant. Users noted not only good performance and power, but also the following benefits:

  • ample room for modifications
  • the market is filled with spare parts
  • high-quality assembly
  • silent and does not heat up, but only applies to Antminer S7-LN
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Today, you can add value to this list, information about which can be found above. Despite all the advantages, there were a number of drawbacks, which today have an even stronger effect than at the time of equipment production:

  • A power supply unit with a power above 1400 W is required (the device itself consumes 1350 W).
  • the usual Antminer S7 is heated and quite noisy.

Well, today you can find more powerful mining devices, although they will be more expensive, but they can bring in more money.

Verified pools and exchanges

For mining, cryptocurrency is best to join the pool. The best and proven in this area remain:

  • – allows you to extract not only BTC, which is mined at speeds up to 913PH / s. The service is completely decentralized, which allows you to assure with certainty that the rewards are fully secure. Fraudsters will not be able to get to the miner’s coins.
  • is a Chinese service that allows you to mine BTC at speeds up to 3251 PH / s, and has no fees for withdrawing funds.
  • is a large European pool, access to which only a few people have access to which is extremely difficult.
  • is another Chinese service that does not charge a fee for withdrawing funds.
  • is suitable for beginners, as the maximum mining speed is 10.2 PH / s, mining is possible here even without registration.


Despite the fact that at one time Antminer S7 showed excellent results and had no direct competitors, over the 3 years that it has been present on the market, more productive ASICs came out. If you need to buy a chip, it is best to pay attention to the modern Antminer S9 and its analogs.

But on the other hand, Antminer S7 attracts with a price that can be a decisive factor in the choice of ASIC. If the miner can find a cheap source of electricity for himself and correctly set up the station, then the S7 will be able to show itself as one of the options for the station, but it is better to choose the improved S7-LN. It does not make noise, will not allow network cables to interfere with work and has the best payback indicators, as can be seen in the calculations. But you need to understand that the Antminer S7 can only become a means of obtaining coins, but not direct earnings.

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