Antminer T9 + Hashrate | Profitability | Specs

Antminer T9 + – Here is a list the of the specs, the profit you can earn, Bitmain Factory always announces the sale of its devices in advance via twitter or email if you are registered on their website

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The first opportunity to buy Antminer T9 + will be today January 30 at 11:00 and at 16:00 Moscow time. You can buy it on the official Bitmain website for $ 2,008. Payment is only possible using the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) cryptocurrency.

What is it? Features Antimer T9 +

Mining algorithm: SHA-256, which means the main currencies are Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

The device hash rate is 10.5 TH / s. The indicator is inferior to the “older brother” Antminer S9, good copies of which confidently give out more than 14 TH / s.

Unlike most Atminer S9, the new miner does not need to wait long. Delivery of T9 + is promised literally 10 days after payment.

ASIC uses a standard APW3 ++ power supply, consumes 1.4 kW / h from the network.

Rumor has it that the device is more durable than Antminer S9, but we did not check this information!

Profitability and Payback Antminer T9 +

At Bitcoin’s current exchange rate of $ 11,000, the daily income is about $ 13 excluding electricity costs. If we consider electricity at 5 rubles / kW and take into account that the device consumes 1.4 kW / h, you get at least $ 10 net profit.

Antminer T9 + will cost $ 2008, fast delivery another $ 500

The original power supply costs $ 105, Antminer T9 + will cost $ 2008, fast delivery another $ 500. In total – $ 2 600.

We divide 2 600 into 10 and we get that the payback period is 260 days at the current moment. Of course, we do not take into account the increasing complexity of the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash networks and changes in the exchange rates of these currencies.

Perhaps in six months the device will be like a chicken with golden eggs, or maybe it will be in a landfill. Time will tell…