Antminer T9 + : Best Review 2021: Test Specs | Pros and Cons | Profit (Ethereum)

Antminer T9 + Hashrate | Profitability | Specs

Antminer T9 + : Hashrate | Specs | Pros and Cons | Profit (2021) | Overclocking | Benchmark| Bitmain T9 + – Here is a list the of the specs, the profit you can earn, the setup process, Advantages and Disadvantages of owning one and Overclocking. Bitmain Factory always announces the sale of its devices in advance via twitter or email if you are registered on their website

The first opportunity to buy Antminer T9 + will be today January 30 at 11:00 and at 16:00 Moscow time. You can buy it on the official Bitmain website for $ 2,008. Payment is only possible using the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) cryptocurrency.

What is it? Features Antimer T9 +

Mining algorithm: SHA-256, which means the main currencies are Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

The device hash rate is 10.5 TH / s. The indicator is inferior to the “older brother” Antminer S9, good copies of which confidently give out more than 14 TH / s.

Unlike most Atminer S9, the new miner does not need to wait long. Delivery of T9 + is promised literally 10 days after payment.

ASIC uses a standard APW3 ++ power supply, consumes 1.4 kW / h from the network.

Rumor has it that the device is more durable than Antminer S9, but we did not check this information!

ASIK AntMiner T9 + is considered one of the most productive mining devices of the Chinese company Bitmain. The new version of Bitmain T9 went on sale on January 30, 2018, becoming a direct competitor to the S9 model . In fact, ASIK Antminer T9 is a budget version of the Antminer S9 popular in the past, this device has retained the palm in terms of sales in its price category for more than two years. And this is not at all surprising, because ASIC chips with the BM1387 marking, made according to the 16 nm process technology, were installed on both the Bitmain S9 and T9 asics. Of course, the more expensive Antminer S9 had more chips to compute, but in terms of price to performance and energy efficiency, the T9 was unmatched. But alas, this is all in the past.

The equipment operates on the SHA-256 algorithm, which made it possible to mine Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash coins with it. You can also mine other cryptocurrencies, in the current period for ASICs on SHA-256, the most profitable are the DGB and Peercoin cryptocoins. It is still not worth putting them off for a long time, it is better to exchange them for BTC or BCH. The greater the variety of digital assets in the wallet, the less chance of going broke. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and tomorrow the rating of the most profitable coins for mining may change. But since we are reviewing a specific mining machine, it is more important for us now to understand how profitable the purchase of T9 + will be in 2021. Let’s take a look at the configuration and use features and start by describing the model.

Top 10 Question Asked About Antminer T9 + By Customer On Amazon Before they Buy

Top 10 Question Asked About Antminer T9 + By Customer On Amazon Before they Buy
Top 10 Question Asked About Antminer T9 + By Customer On Amazon Before they Buy

AntMiner T9+ 10.5TH/s @ 0.136W/GH 16nm ASIC Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash Miner

Question 1: In the purchase order they put me antminer t9 with 10.5 ths and in the advertising it appears 12.5th ??

Answer: The T9+ (plus) is rated at 10.5TH/s and is more reliable than the T9, which is older and rated at 12.5TH/s. This listing is for the T9+ (10.5TH/s).

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Answer by Customer: These are Antminer T9+ that hashes at 10.5th, a Antminer S9 hashes at 13.5th. You can always look at Bitmains website(the people who make Antminer) for specs. I hope this was helpful.

Question 2: I heard that the Antminer T9 + was dead. Can they still mine?

Answer: Yes, they mine, but you can get them dirt cheap from bitmain. They do not make a profit right now. With pool fees and my high electric rate, it nets about a dollar a day or 30 dollars a month. I use it for heating my barn more than to make a profit.

Question 3: How loud is the Antminer T9 +?

Answer: Very loud and hot. It will need to be vented to the outside. There are techniques for quieting the machine on YT, or buy a muffler. Also need 220 volt. The Litecoin miner is not as loud and actually more profitable.

Question 4: I am new to this, please tell me, how many bitcoins can the Antminer T9 + machine can mine?

Answer: At this moment this machine mines 0.0006BTC daily.

Answer by other Customer: hello, this machine can mine around 0,0006/0,0007 btc per day, but it may vary due to others factor like the network and the zone. Sotodeals

Question 5: Do you have the option with Antminer T9 + to choose between the digital currencies to be mined?

Answer: Yes, there are several platforms that allow mining different currencies, I can guide you

Answer by customer: You can mine any coin which uses the SHA256 mining algorithm, I know that includes BTC and BCH, I believe there are some other but I am not sure.

Question 6: How much bitcoin can Antminer T9 + machine mine in a month?

Answer: hi, this machine can mine 0.0126BTC a month ( year 2018).

Question 7: Do you sell the power source of the Antminer T9 + ?

Answer: Yes, we also sell power supplies. Yes we can put them in the same shipment.

Question 8: What are th voltage does the Antminer T9 + works with?

Hi, i only have 110v plugs in my home but i am going to get the litefuze lt-5000 5000 watt voltage transformer – step up/down. will this work?

Answer:Yes, it works voltage from 110 to 220, it means that support free voltage input.

Question 9: Is there any warranty for the Antminer T9 +?

Answer: Only for the original order and this is a resale.

Question 10: Does the Antminer T9 + pairs up with Nicehash?

Answer: yes, it can pair up with Nicehash.

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Best Reviews of the Antminer T9 + by Customers on Amazon

AntMiner T9+ 10.5TH/s @ 0.136W/GH 16nm ASIC Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash Miner

Best Review of the AntMiner T9+ By Customer On Amazon 1: Product came with a damaged fan from shipping, company was super easy to work with to make it right. Other than the exhaust fan which wasn’t their fault the product works great! Currently mining. I have recommended then to others.

Worst Review of Antminer T9 + the on Amazon By Customers

Worst Review of Antminer T9 + the on Amazon By Customers

Worst Review of the AntMiner T9+ By Customer On Amazon: The Miner was very badly packaged! Is poorly stored, the fan grille is rusty and two of the plugs are broken! Luckily for me, it works! Finally, it works, but does not show an IP address!

Please note: In spite of the bad review (AntMiner T9+) by a few customers, we experience no such issues (not saying you won’t) but We would comfortably recommend this product for mining cryptocurrency based on our testing that we will be continuing below.

Specification – Antminer T9 +

Specification - Antminer T9 +
Specification – Antminer T9 +

The main characteristics of ASIK T9 + turned out to be quite decent. The performance of the model at 10.5 TX / s is provided by 162 BM1387 chips made according to the 16 nm process technology and located on three separate boards. The device is powered by a powerful 1.4 kWh power supply and takes up less space than a compact microATX computer system unit.

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In the upper part of the aluminum body of the ASIC miner there is a control board with a connector for connecting an Ethernet cable, through which the equipment is connected to the Internet. There are also LEDs showing the operating modes of the device. On the upper edge of the block, you can see the connectors for connecting the miner to the power supply.

The inside of the Bitmain ANTminer T9 + is cooled by 2 coolers located at the front and back of the case. Fan speed – up to 6000 r / s and up to 4300 r / s, respectively. The noise isolation of the device is quite effective, but taking into account the power of the miner and the operation of the cooling system, the level of noise generated reaches 75 dBA.

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Tab. 1. The main parameters of the model.

Device hashrate, TH / s10.5 (from 10 to 12, depending on the pool and coin)
Mining algorithm usedSHA-256
Chips and process technology162 pcs. BM1387, 16 nm
Electricity consumption, W1406-1419
Noise level, dBAup to 75
Temperature (working, maximum)40 (81)
Case dimensions, cm32×12.5×19
Weight, g6500

With ANTminer T9 speed of 10.5 TH s, the model was considered competitive enough for 2020. In 2021, the capabilities of the miner have significantly decreased. Custom firmware allows you to overclock this equipment up to 16 Th / s . But given that the S17 can accelerate to 75 Th / s, with a consumption of 3000W, and the new S19Pro , in general, up to 110 Th / s (consuming not much more), mining on the T9 is profitable only if you got it very cheaply and you Pay nothing for electricity.

Official Stores To Buy

At the very beginning of sales, ASIK was available on the official website of the manufacturer and in several Russian stores. The cost of the model abroad was $100 -$ 130. The decline in cryptocurrency rates and the increase in the complexity of their production led to a decrease in the price of the miner. Now it can be purchased ten times cheaper.

On the site, which offers official Bitmain products, the price is not indicated and is communicated personally to the client upon a specific request. At you can buy ANTminer T9 in Moscow for only 8000 rubles, or even for 6000 rubles.

Step-by-step guide to set up and connect – Antminer T9 +

It is worth connecting and configuring equipment using an operating system specially designed for mining. When using Hive OS, T9 is configured in the same way as other Bitmain models:

  1. The ANTminer T9 is connected to the power supply and the Internet.
  2. The device is connected to the mains and starts up.
  3. The IP address of the equipment is determined using a browser.
  4. A suitable pool is selected to be used for mining.
  5. After registering on the service, a worker is created and the transition to the ANTminer T9 settings is performed.
  6. For each miner board, data is entered that correspond to the parameters of the pool. You can find them out on the FAQ or HELP tabs of the selected service.
  7. Settings are saved.
  8. The hardware is restarted.

How to set up a new miner T9+

Step-by-step guide to set up and connect - Antminer T9 +
Step-by-step guide to set up and connect – Antminer T9 +

If all actions were performed correctly, the technique automatically starts mining cryptocurrency. If errors were made during the Bitmain T9 + setup, the miner should be restarted again.

If you have other problems, you should contact the technical support of the manufacturer or pool, as well as get acquainted with the information on the thematic forums.

Overclocking and flashing the device

To increase the functionality of the device, company representatives recommend updating the ANTminer T9 firmware by downloading the latest software version on the manufacturer’s website. After flashing, the technique works more stable, although there is no increase in the hash rate.

You can increase the efficiency of the device by overclocking it. An increase in the number of fan revolutions and the frequency of the chips allows you to increase the mining speed from 10.5 to 16 TX / s. At the same time, the increase in productivity is accompanied by an increase in the noise level from 75 to 80 dBA and an increase in the maximum operating temperature. Overclocked equipment works faster, but its service life is reduced.

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To learn how to flash T9 + with custom software from MSKminer, which will allow you to overclock ASIK up to 16.5 Th / s, follow the link and watch a detailed video tutorial. You can download custom firmware from MSKminer at .

Please note that you perform all actions at your own peril and risk. No one except you is responsible for the breakdown of the device due to an unsuccessful flashing.

Antminer T9 +: Pros and Cons ( Advantages and Disadvantages)

Profitability and Payback Antminer T9 +

The advantages of the T9 + model include the following characteristics of an ASIC miner:

  • affordable cost, especially if you buy ASIK T9 bu (although the resource of the model will be lower);
  • high performance;
  • the ability to work with one of the most popular algorithms;
  • high reliability – although repairing the ANTminer T9, if its chips fail, is almost impossible.

Among the disadvantages of the technique, high energy consumption is noted – with round-the-clock operation, it will significantly increase the cost of paying for utilities. The owners of the T9 miner note the noise it creates even without overclocking – the overclocked version makes even more noise. Therefore, it is worth installing the ASIC in a separate or at least non-residential premises.

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Profitability and Payback Antminer T9 +

At Bitcoin’s current exchange rate of $ 11,000, the daily income is about $ 13 excluding electricity costs. If we consider electricity at 5 rubles / kW and take into account that the device consumes 1.4 kW / h, you get at least $ 10 net profit.

Antminer T9 + will cost $ 2008, fast delivery another $ 500

The original power supply costs $ 105, Antminer T9 + will cost $ 2008, fast delivery another $ 500. In total – $ 2 600.

We divide 2 600 into 10 and we get that the payback period is 260 days at the current moment. Of course, we do not take into account the increasing complexity of the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash networks and changes in the exchange rates of these currencies.

Perhaps in six months the device will be like a chicken with golden eggs, or maybe it will be in a landfill. Time will tell…

Payback calculation 2021 – Antminer T9 +

To determine whether it is worth buying a device in 2021, the calculation of the average revenue from the extraction of cryptocurrency will help. To do this, you can use the popular WhatToMine calculator service . Here you can enter the following information:

  • 1400 watts of power consumption;
  • 16,500 Gh / s hash rate (let’s say that the custom firmware is successful and everything works);
  • Important! Electricity was not included in the profitability calculation.
Payback calculation 2021 - Antminer T9 +
Payback calculation 2021 – Antminer T9 +

The calculation for the ASIC ANTminer T9 by the WhatToMine calculator shows that it is still profitable to mine a number of popular coins with the help of the miner. There is no Bitcoin among them. The maximum daily profitability for the ANTminer T9 model of 1.71 US dollars of net profit is provided when mining the DGB-SHA (DGB) cryptocurrency.When calculating the payback period for equipment, take into account the cost of electricity in your region.At the moment, buying this equipment is unprofitable, since the profitability at an outlet price of $ 0.05 / kWh is only $ 0.03 per day. 

Of course, when digital gold rises in value, all costs will pay off. In the meantime, you will need to buy ASIK, find where to place it and pay for electricity costs from your own funds, without spending cryptocurrency. But why, if there are many more profitable mining machines on the market. We recommend buying newer models from the same manufacturer. Your best bet is to pre-order the Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro .

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How To Mine Antminer S9 2021 | Is It Worth It

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