Atomic Wallet now also available for iPhone, we spoke with the founder

Atomic Wallet now also available for iPhone, we spoke with the founder

Atomic Wallet is now also available for free for iPhones. We interviewed owner and founder Konstantin Gladych about the development of his non-custodial, multi-asset wallet. Maybe you recognize his name, Gladych is also one of the founders of Changelly.

Congratulations on the iOS release. That did take a while ..

In fact, we mainly had a huge list of small jobs that we had to complete before we could deal with a launch on the iPhone. That is why it took more time for our team. There are hardly any differences between the Android and the iOS versions. The only thing is that we had to rewrite the code a little to meet the requirements of the App Store.

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And now Atomic Wallet is available for iOS and Android. Just like many other wallets that support multiple assets (cryptos). Why should we choose Atomic Wallet?

Atomic Wallet is a product of the community and we continue to tinker with the wallet to make the experience even better and simpler. We continue to follow the market closely and add more and more relevant functions and coins. Our customer service is available 24/7. We focus on the long-term development of the project because we love working in DeFi (decentralized finance).

Atomic Wallet guarantees anonymity and privacy. But how can you guarantee this if KYC is required if you want to buy crypto via the wallet?

The basic functions such as receiving, sending and instant trading of cryptocurrency are completely anonymous. We do not sell cryptocurrency ourselves, that goes through our partners. Those partners need KYC to protect users against, for example, phishing attacks. Atomic Wallet has no access to the data between customers and our partners.

You also add many new coins to the wallet. How do you decide which coins are supported by Atomic Wallet?

There are actually three requirements:

  1. The coin must be known and popular.
  2. The request must come from our community.
  3. The coin must also be available through our decentralized atomic swap.
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Can you tell something about your earnings model? Has there been an ICO or an investment round?

We have financed ourselves. No ICO or external financing was involved. Our earnings model is based on transactions. I just told you about our partners, where users can buy cryptocurrency. We take a small commission on sold coins and on trades on the built-in exchange. Every time a coin is purchased or traded, users contribute to the growth of the project. All profits are put into the development of the app.

Last question, what can we expect from Atomic Wallet in the future?

Exciting things! First of all, we want to optimize the user experience and quality. We also continue to add new coins and it won’t take long before you can strike coins (keep coins in your wallet for a long time, you will receive a reward such as interest for this). And now we are of course available on iOS! Hold our channels in the holes for more updates about the wallet.

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You can find more information about Atomic Wallet at The wallet is available for iPhone and Android.

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