Australia has the world’s first room-temperature quantum computer

Australia has the world's first room-temperature quantum computer

Quantum computing is the future, it helps classical computational methods achieve monumental speeds on some classical problems. For example, it can help model financial data and isolate key global risk factors to make better investments, much faster. And they can make artificial intelligence and machine learning much more powerful.

Unlike classic computers, quantum systems generally require cooling systems below -170 degrees for them to work.

At Quantum Brilliance, an Australian and German startup, researchers have been developing diamond-based quantum accelerators. In this way they already have the first quantum computer in the world to work at room temperature at the Pawsey Supercomputing Center in Australia. While we don’t have much information about the computational power of the system, we do know that it is linked to HPE Setonix, Pawsey’s HPE Cray EX supercomputer.

Pawsey Installs First Room-Temperature On-Premises Quantum Computer in a Supercomputing Centre

The idea of ​​all this is to find a way to integrate these quantum computers with current hardware and software, for better use. Meanwhile, Quantum Brilliance diamond accelerators remain something of a black boxsince the technology is known by the startup and the collaborating Australian universities, everything is a secret for now.

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All I know is that the company is taking advantage of a nitrogen-vacancy center in diamonds, which reportedly have the longest coherence time of any quantum state at room temperature. This translates into a qubit that can operate anywhere a classical computer can.

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