Bayern Munich Football Club to release blockchain collectibles

Bayern Munich Football Club to release blockchain collectibles

One of Germany’s largest football clubs, Bayern Munich, is collaborating with Stryking Entertainment to implement a blockchain strategy to encourage fans.

According to the statement, Stryking will release and distribute digital collectibles related to Bayern players. Thus, the German football club will become part of the global blockchain platform for collectibles.

Stryking has opened up the possibility of virtual sporting events where fans can use blockchain-based digital collectibles. Users will be able to use the virtual cards of club players to compete with each other in special competitions.

For example, they will be able to create virtual teams with their player cards and compete with teams of other users. Consequently, the results will affect the value of collectibles, which can then be sold at a better price.

Stryking will start by issuing cards related to Bayern stars such as goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and striker Robert Lewandowski. Dirk Weyel, founder and CEO of Stryking, said:

FC Bavaria is one of the largest football clubs, and its fans around the world will have the opportunity to participate in the pre-sale of rare cards of their favorite stars. In the near future we will add more football clubs and teams from other sports to the platform. Our vision is to create a truly global center where sports lovers meet to collect collectibles. ”

More and more sports teams around the world are exploring the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Last week, it became known that the Sacramento Kings basketball club will issue its own cryptocurrency token, and in July the Miami Dolphins football team began accepting payments in LTC.

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In addition, in June, the Portuguese football club Benfica began selling souvenirs for cryptocurrencies. At the end of April, West Ham United football club launched a fan token, and Real Madrid began using the Fantastec blockchain to host content.