Top 10 Best Mining Pools for Monero – High Profits 2019

Top 10 Best Mining Pools Monero

Check out this list of the Best Mining pools for Monero – Mining is the process of generating a cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin. Until some time, each person was engaged in mining separately, but due to the large involvement of users in the world of “pharma”, computing processes are constantly complicated. This is done in order to lengthen the life expectancy of cryptocurrency. Due to the changes introduced, mining at home alone became almost impossible, but pools emerged from the situation.

Pool is a server that distributes the load on a lot of computing power (several users), with the joint efforts of users it becomes possible to generate coins.

Principle of operation

Each participant allows the system to use computing power. Anyone can join the group for joint decryption of the block, the equipment will not matter. Each participant will receive a reward commensurate with the contribution made to the generation of the coin.

Bitcoin mining pools

Why pools have gained their popularity:

  1. Decentralization. This allows you to prohibit any participant or administrator from stopping the withdrawal of funds for their own purposes.
  2. Low risks. For the system is one, although it consists of many participants.
  3. Saving. There is no need to assemble powerful equipment for profit.
  4. Justice. Each participant will receive a reward comparable to a contribution to generation.

Pools are divided by parameters:

  1. Functional .
  2. The type of currency that computing power is being spent on.
  3. Payment scheme .
  4. Commission . It is thanks to this item that pools exist and are financially recouped for the creators.
  5. Capacity requirements . Some allow users to enter with 1-2 video cards, while others only with a full farm.

Which server is better to work on

A lot of pools appeared during the time when mining technology appeared in the cooperative. Some of them quickly closed for various reasons, others continue to live for more than four years. But for all the time of existence the situation has stabilized.

Several times it was noticed that the pool reached half the hashrate of the whole world.

To obtain statistics, you should use independent sources, for example, or Information from these resources will be able to show a list of all existing and existing pools.

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Which server is better to work on

Not every pool can be called the largest, there are also many good services that you can use if you need to jointly develop Bitcoins


The Czech project, which holds about 5% of the hashrate of the global network . A commission of 2% is charged.


In order to enter it is not required to confirm the identity of the user. This is the only large pool that works on this principle. Settlements are made using the CPPSRB system, where no commission is required.

Once it was the largest mining pool for Bitcoin, today it controls about 2.5% of the hashrate of the global network. Despite a serious decline in popularity and productivity, he continues to work on the PPLNS system without taking a commission.


One of the oldest projects that began operations in 2011. Today it is recognized by many as the best reserve pool. The award is accrued according to the PPLNS system, the size of the commission is 1%.

The largest services

Most of the largest pools are located in China. It is China that has become a place of fierce competition, and any changes in this country are directly reflected in the Bitcoin exchange rate.

More than 50% of the hashrate of the global network is concentrated in China, this is what makes the “Celestial Empire” such an influential region in the cryptocurrency as a whole.

F2Pool or Discus

A Chinese project that accounts for 20% of the hashrate of the global network. PPS payment system, a commission of 4% is taken from each user. The Stratum mining protocol is used for those users who are behind the firewalls. Port 3333 is used for connection. F2Pool allows you to mine:

  1. BTC
  2. ETH
  3. ZEC,
  4. ETC
  5. LTC

The service policy is such that the user must withdraw earned funds in a short time. If the money is in the account for more than three months, then it is written off as a donation.

F2Pool or Discus


The owner of the service is the famous manufacturer of mining equipment in China Bitmaintech.

  • It takes the second place with a hashrate of the global network of about 18% .
  • Two types of accrual of earnings are used: PPLNS and PPS.
  • The first has no commission at all, and the second – 2.5%.
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BTC China

Chinese server, which occupies about 11% of the hashrate of the global network. In order to get you must be a client of the exchange of the same name. For people who are not familiar with the Chinese language, problems may arise when using it, as it is oriented to the domestic market, even the interface in English does not always provide comprehensive information.

BTC China

Bw pool

The Chinese server, which occupies about 8% of the hashrate of the global network. Charges are made to PPLNS without a fee.

Closed pools

Among the entire variety of servers, there are closed ones that only large investors can get to.


Based in Iceland and Georgia. Holds 16% of the hashrate of the global network . All investments entering the system are spent on improving the conditions of service, development and maintenance of the centers.

Knc pool

The Swedish server holds an average of 5% of the hashrate of the global network . The work is carried out on ASIC equipment – this company is the owner of the service.

21 Ink

About 21 Ink, almost nothing is known, except for the hashrate of the global network in the amount of 4%.

Selection tips

In order to determine which pool for Bitcoin mining is best suited, several factors should be considered.

Interestingly, not all of the largest pools comply with the recommendations below.

Rules for choosing a pool:

  1. Do not pay attention to the new pools , because of the computing power will not be enough to generate blocks.
  2. You need to determine how much weight your contribution to the pool will be . If the user has one video card, which is already more than two years old, then such equipment will not be able to make a sufficient contribution. The less power is provided by the user, the less will be his income. If we talk about Bitcoins, then video cards are important in earning this crypto, which means that the emphasis must be placed on them. There are also currencies that are mined using hard drives or processors.
  3. Payout Distribution Scheme . Not every pool determines that the reward will be consistent with the efforts made. You need to understand that in the presence of large computing power it is worth choosing those services where the award is distributed according to the contribution. If the user can be called an “amateur”, then he should find the pool where the reward is distributed among all participants in an equal volume. Before you start working in the selected system, you must familiarize yourself with the rules of assessment, payments and accruals.
  4. Payment method . Here, each user determines for himself independently, it is convenient for him to make a profit in bitcoins on the corresponding wallet, or on a bank card, or on an account in popular payment systems. Each pool provides its own list of available output methods.
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How much can you earn

Earnings on pools is possible, but for this it is necessary to approach the process competently. You need to select the appropriate pool, go through the registration process and set the settings in your account, after which the mining itself begins.

The larger the pool was selected, the faster it will generate one coin, which means higher profit margins.

As with the usual “farm”, the amount of earnings will depend on computing power. The more of them, the higher the profitability of the enterprise. But you need to understand that to get accurate numbers you need to take into account the cost of electricity, mining speed, commission and other factors.


The essence of any mining is to use computing power in order to generate currency. Cryptocurrency has gained great popularity, the number of free blocks is constantly decreasing, which leads to the fact that investing large amounts of money in mining ceases to be payback. Therefore, one of the real ways to make a profit is to use small capacities in the Pool at no additional cost.

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