Radeon RX 580 4 and 8 GB 2022 Mining: Setup And Overclocking (IS IT WORTH IT?)

Radeon RX 580 4 and 8 GB 2022 Mining: Setup/ Overclocking/ IS IT WORTH IT in 2022: In 2020, one of the best models for mining, RX 480, disappeared from store shelves, and miners’ eyes fell on the newer, at that time, RX 580 video card. of the best computing devices for completing mining installations.

Of course, by the winter of 2022, this model is hopelessly outdated. More powerful and energy-efficient Navi series graphics adapters have appeared. In the current period, the market is in the stage of deep correction. RX 580 graphics cards are only relevant in mining if you have access to free electricity. The article describes in detail how to overclock the AMD Radeon RX 580 video card for mining.

Mining Radeon RX 580 2022: Characteristics and parameters

A year ago, the characteristics of the RX 580 for miners looked very tempting. The high core frequency that the card has will help to get good values ​​in certain algorithms. The standard chip frequency is 1257 MHz , and in turbo mode – 1340 MHz. The memory frequency is 1750 MHz . The 

Polaris architecture will achieve a 20% performance improvement through driver updates and higher frequencies.

Radeon RX 580 4 and 8 GB 2022 Mining
Radeon RX 580 4 and 8 GB 2022 Mining

It will be possible to mine coins on the  RX 580 with 4 GB  at approximately the same rates as on the  RX 580 with 8 GB . With the exception of the big ether, which finally and irrevocably switched to the PoS consensus algorithm. This happened about two months ago and at first the miners had practically no work on the Ethash algorithm. 

True, it soon turned out that after the merger of the old and new versions of the Ethereum chain, a fork nevertheless arose, as a result of which the ETHW coin became available to miners. A little later, the ETHF token appeared.

Both cryptocurrencies can be mined on 8GB cards or ASICs with sufficient memory. Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency is available for mining on devices with 4GB of memory. But since ASICs have already appeared, working on Etchash, it has become unprofitable to mine ETC on GPUs.

Until the Ethereum rate went up, the minimum price of the card was somewhere around  13,000 rubles . Then these cards began to grow in price and, despite the decrease in the profitability of mining, their average price on Yandex Market in the summer of 2022 was about 28,000 rubles. At the same time, versions of popular assembly plants, such as Sapphire or Gigabyte, were not on sale at all. But little-known Chinese brands Biiostar, AFOX or Sinotex are available.

When for 1 ETH on the exchange they gave $4,000, novice miners bought any cards, but at the current level of income from crypto mining, the AMD Radeon RX 580 graphics adapter worth 28,000 rubles will pay off for a very long time. In addition, this model is already obsolete and even with correctly performed undervolting consumes too much energy. Better add some money and buy AMD RX 6600  or an alternative card from Nvidia.

By November-December 2022, the price of the RX 580 8GB has dropped to 15,000 rubles. If you purchased this model five months ago for 28,000 rubles, then you have wasted a lot of money. Now is not the best time to enter mining. Digital coins have fallen in price, and will continue to fall. Perhaps a new crypto-winter awaits us ahead, and judging by the current state of affairs, it will be no less severe and long-lasting than the previous one. 

But, on the other hand, such positive qualities of crypto assets as decentralization and anonymity may well become very popular, and then the market will unfold. However, this is all fortune-telling on coffee grounds, but for now we have what we have. 

Miners who bought their equipment before the price spike continue to work. But if you start collecting a farm now, then it may very well be that you will see real profit only in two or three years. Mining is always work for the future, and if you are not ready for this, then you better do something else. However, not a single legal business guarantees a quick return on investment.

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When choosing a card, you can stumble upon several different models: MSI, ASUS, Sapphire, Gigabyte and others. But they differ only in cooling. This will not play a significant role in mining productivity, but high-quality cooling is very important, because even with the current relatively favorable situation for miners in the digital asset market, the card will pay off no earlier than in a year. If the manufacturer saves too much on the cooling system, the GPU device will not be able to work at high loads for a long time. Especially in 24/7 mode.

What are the indicators of the video card in mining – 25 Mh/s

Memory on video card RX 580 samsung
Memory on video card RX 580 samsung

The standard settings of the video card, despite its cost, will not be able to produce large values. Initially, by connecting the RX 580 with factory settings, it will be possible to get no more than 25 Mh/s during mining.

To open the potential and increase the speed of mining, it is necessary not only to overclock the processor and memory, but also  flash the BIOS . This is a very important item in the video card settings, especially with  Samsung RAM . They have the highest timing indicator, which will provide overclocking potential. Thanks to the correct setting of the BIOS’a firmware, you can achieve a value of 32 Mh / s and more when mining ETHW or ETC.

RAM from other manufacturers has less good timings. It is impossible to find out what type of memory is on the video card without installing it on the computer. Once installed, use the GPU-Z program .

Optimal performance of RX 580 in mining:

  • Consumption: 120W
  • GPU temperature: 70°
  • BPM temperature: 90°
  • Memory temperature: 60°
  • Core overclock: 1167 MHz.
  • Memory overclocking: 2150 MHz.
Ethash32 Mh/s135 W
Zhash21 H/s110 W
kHeavyHash165 Mh/s130 W
CNHeavy960 H/s115 W
CNHaven960 H/s115 W
FiroPow14.5 Mh/s170 W
Cuckaroo29s2.4 H/s120 W
NeoScrypt820 Kh/s150 W
BeamhashIII15.5 H/s130 W
Cortex1.1 H/s110 W
Verthash0.49 Mh/s110 W
Lyra2Z0.45 Mh/s120 W
CuckooCycle2.6 H/s110 W
ProgPow7.90 Mh/s140 W
Autolykos60 Mh/s120 W
Optimal performance of RX 580 in mining

Previously, to earn more coins on the RX 580, they used Dual-mining (Ethereum + Decred, Ethereum + XVG, Ethereum + Smart). 

In the current period, double mining is not profitable.

Optimal performance of RX 580 in mining
Optimal performance of RX 580 in mining

Which model to choose: DANGERS TO LOOK for when buying RX 580

When choosing a card, the user should pay attention to:

  • cooling system;
  • amount of video memory.
DANGERS TO LOOK for when buying RX 580
DANGERS TO LOOK for when buying RX 580

In the store you can not find out the manufacturer of memory chips, you can only roughly focus on the manufacturer. But, even batches of gpu from the same factory can supply memory from different vendors. For example, Elpida chips were installed in March , and Samsung already in April.

However, this is not a matter of life and death, as well as the choice of a graphics adapter supplier. Perhaps SAPPHIRE RX 580 with Samsung memory will be a little cooler and more stable in mining than ASUS RX 580 with Micron memory, but still there is no significant difference between them. Assemble the rig correctly and in no case save on the power supply, otherwise you will suffer, and not work.

What to mine on AMD RX 580, algorithm selection
What to mine on AMD RX 580, algorithm selection

Most miners buy video cards from:

  • Gigabyte;
  • MSI;

In terms of gaming performance, the RX 580 can be compared to the  NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 card . But it costs several thousand rubles more and seriously lags behind on the Ethash algorithm. The GTX 1060 3GB video accelerator in 2021 was already practically irrelevant for mining, if it weren’t for the ethereum classic, which briefly breathed life into outdated 3GB miners. Nobody needs these cards anymore.

What to mine on AMD RX 580, algorithm selection

In November 2022 on the RX 580, you can mine coins on the KawPow, kHeavyHash, FiroPow and NeoScrypt algorithms. If you pay five rubles per kilowatt of electricity, then you will formally incur losses on any coin until the price of the crypto rises.

There is no point in selling earned assets on the exchange right now, and if you are not ready to wait a few months (or maybe several years), look for another occupation. Mining is work for the future, and, now, this expression is more relevant than ever. However, among the owners of mining farms there are veterans who have already survived more than one crypto winter. Many are trying at this time to switch to the Nicehash service in order to receive a salary in bitcoins. However, Nice now has other options for withdrawing funds. More detailed information about this platform is available in a separate review on our website.

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As for the mining software, the latest release of the  Teamredminer application is now relevant. The program works great on KawPow and FiroPow.

RVN mining generates income, but the cards get very hot. If it’s winter outside, then you can just open the window, but in the summer it’s almost impossible to work on KawPow.

For mining Beam and Ergo, use the  Lolminer program, for mining Firo, Teamredminer is suitable. You can also work for Gminer and Bziner. You can find out what is better to mine on the RX 580 with the help of special resources that constantly monitor the most profitable coins. The  Wattomine website and  Coincalculators provide a simple interface where all relevant coins are located.

Main algorithms for mining:

  • Neoxa (KawPow);
  • Ravencoin (KawPow);
  • Meowcoin (KawPow);
  • Feathercoin (NeoScrypt);
  • Ubqhash (Ubiq);
  • Case ( kHeavyHash );
  • Firo (Firopow);
  • Beam(BeamHashIII);
  • Vertcoin(Verthash);
  • HavenProtocol(CryptoNightHaven).

The cryptocurrency market is constantly changing, because of this, most miners are looking for the most profitable algorithm for mining. You can find information about the release of new coins on the Bitcointalk forum

In mining, calculation speed indicators and the number of shares sent to the pool are denoted by one word – hashrate. But these are completely different concepts and should not be confused. In the miner window, the hashrate is always more or less stable, and the hashrate of your farm on the pool can fluctuate significantly. It is necessary to focus not on current indicators, but on the average value per day.

However, sometimes when mining, the hash rate can drop below 23 MH/s. Especially if you have non-Hynix memory. This problem occurs in RX 580 Nitro graphics cards. Initially, the video card is more suitable for gamers and not for miners.

nicehash mining Rx 580
nicehash mining Rx 580

Most users use the  

Nicehash program . After installation and configuration, the program itself finds the most profitable algorithm and mines it, the payment is made to your BTC wallet, but in the updated version you can earn money with other crypto coins.

Dual mining, relevance in 2022

At one time, it seemed that this mining method had completely lost its relevance, but then Nvidia cards with the LHR function appeared, and in order to minimize hashrate losses, on the then still available ether, miners began to mine it in tandem with another coin.

Then they learned to bypass the function of reducing the speed of mining, but when the cryptocurrencies fell in price, the miners learned to mine Kaspa coins paired with another altcoin (they usually set up ETC + Kaspa or Ergo + Kaspa ). But while the market is in a downtrend, this mining option does not bring serious profit, but only helps to minimize electricity costs.

BIOS firmware on RX 580

In the default setting on the RX 580, only 24 Mh/s can be achieved. But after flashing the video card, the maximum speed increases by 30%.

When setting up the video card, special attention should be paid to the VDDC voltage, it should not exceed a value greater than  1.1 V  , ideally  0.9250 V.  In mining, the video card experiences maximum load and power consumption rises to  140 W , if you do not cut the voltage to the core and memory, wires suitable for the video card may melt. After changing the voltage, video cards consume  110 watts .

To change the frequencies, use the program  WattTool or  MSI Afterburner. The frequency for each card is selected individually. With proper configuration and automation of the software by adding program shortcuts to the startup folder, the farm starts from the power button.

After flashing the video card, the warranty period on the video card ends. But, frankly, if you have a bad graphics chip, and it cannot be repaired, then it will be impossible to determine the cause of the breakdown.

If, for example, the fan is not spinning, then you need to reflash the card with the original BIOS before taking it to the service for warranty repairs. The firmware consists in changing one Bios to another, in which the timing settings for the video memory are modified. Video cards in which  Samsung memory is installed  are capable of showing hashrates up to 30 Mh/s after overclocking.

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To transform them, you will need to use special programs ATIWinflash and PolarisBiosEditor. A complete step-by-step guide to AMD Radeon RX firmware is available on our website. Thanks to this software, you can change the memory timings to those that are more suitable for mining. This will allow you to get the maximum hashrate.


But before the firmware, it is worth remembering that the performance and safety of the video card depends on the user, and in case of unsuccessful firmware, the video card will fail. And you also need to find out in advance what memory is on the video card and see what timings are suitable for this manufacturer (Hynix, Elpida, Samsung, Micron) using the GPU-Z program.

Nowadays, the BIOS firmware can be replaced with the option to configure timings through the executable file of the crypto mining program. On ETHW/ETC, this worked well in Phoneix Miner. Add the correct “strap” settings to the batch file and the card accelerates to the maximum hashrate even on the original firmware. But such a function is not available in all mining programs.

Overclocking Radeon RX 580 4 and 8 GB

For mining, overclocking is not identical, as for games. A popular and proven program, Afterburner , is perfect for overclocking . For games, cards are overclocked gradually for the core and memory. And for mining, due to the difference in algorithms, you need to tune the core to a certain value and only then increase the memory frequency.

overclock amd radeon rx 580

Overclocking occurs gradually, increasing the frequency of Core Clock and Memory Clock .So, in the case of the Radeon RX 580, Ethereum PoW mining does not need a high core frequency, the memory frequency value is important for it. Due to this, you can save on electricity, as well as leave the card cold.

The exact values ​​\u200b\u200bcan be found out after experimenting and selecting the optimal parameters. After the initial settings, it is better for a certain period of time (1 day), to monitor the stability of the work and find out if there are any incorrect shares or errors. Their presence will mean that the RX 580 is overclocked.

If you specify the parameters -cclock / -mclock in the miner’s batch file , then you can overclock the cards without the Afterburner program. You can also change the memory and core clock rates directly in the AMD driver settings.

How to reduce the power consumption of the RX 580

To somehow reduce the amount of electricity costs, you can resort to downvolting. To do this, it will be necessary to reduce the value of the voltage applied to the core, which will lead to a decrease in the overall consumption of electrical energy.

For more precise settings, you can use the detailed instructions from the video.


Timings and downvolt Sapphire RX 580

Undervolting is also performed through a batch file. Put in the executive file  -cvddc 850 -tstop 850 so as not to overpay for electricity. You can prescribe a reduced voltage of memory and core in the modified BIOS of the video card. If the core clock is not stable, add the  powerlimit value . Don’t be afraid to raise the power limit. With the correct undervolting done, the card will not consume more, but it will work much more stable and send more shares to the pool.


The RX 470/480/570/580 video cards were the most cost-effective devices for mining farms, but they have already been supplanted by new generation graphics cards.

Mining on video cards has been around for a very long time. If once AMD Radeon R9 series video cards were quite suitable for mining, then they were replaced by AMD RX 470/480/570/580. But in 2022, this line has already become unprofitable, as more economical graphics adapters with a high hash rate have appeared. If you have a working RX 580 and want to practice mining then why not. But it’s better not to buy such video cards, especially from hands, on Avito. Life does not stand still and you need to keep up with progress.

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