A cryptocurrency investment fund has initiated classroom lawsuit in a United States court against Block.one and the high command of EOS, claiming that the "fraudulent plan" failed to deliver on its main promise of decentralization. . "Materially False and Misleading Statements" to Sell Multiple EOS Tokens The Crypto Assets Opportunity […]

David Schwartz, qui se fait également appeler « Joel Katz », a déclaré mercredi matin que YouTube avait suspendu sa chaîne. « Bizarrement, YouTube vient de décider de suspendre ma chaîne (SJoelKatz) pour usurpation d’identité. Je me demande pour qui ils pensent que je me suis fait passer », a-t-il tweeté. YouTube a suspendu […]

Nvidia, the multinational chip manufacturing giant, was sued again by some investors who accuse him of not reporting $ 1.1 billion in sales related to the cryptocurrency mining business between May 2017 and July 2018. Nvidia's management has knowingly deceived the market and investors According to The Register, the computing […]

Coinbase now offers the possibility to buy, sell, trade and keep OmiseGO (OMG) on its various services. On his blog, the popular American crypto-broker announced the arrival of cryptocurrency OmiseGO (OMG) on its platforms Coinbase.com and Coinbase Pro. As of today, Coinbase supports OmiseGO (OMG) on Coinbase.com and in the […]

BlockFi claimed that a hacker stole user data after violating an employee's smartphone and taking control of their phone number via a SIM exchange. The attack on May 19 On May 19, the New York-based cryptocurrency lending platform announced to users that a hacker – whose identity remains unknown – […]

Two major travel agencies in the cryptocurrency industry, Travala and TravelByBit, join forces to create "one of the world's largest online travel agencies". TravelByBit, a crypto-startup specializing in flight reservations and supported by the giant Binance, has announced that it is partnering with the blockchain travel agency Travala. It is […]

The blockchain venture Thesis has paused deposits in tBTC, its new platform designed to put BTC on Ethereum so that it can use bitcoins in decentralized finance (DeFi). The safety of deposited funds first of all The Thesis team talked about a bug, but decided not to disclose the details […]

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