Samsung is actively recruiting in Russia

MOSCOW, 24 Oct – PRIME. Samsung is actively recruiting personnel in Russia, 22 vacancies are open in the company’s Moscow office, Izvestia writes.

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The search is on for a senior marketing specialist who will coordinate the sales strategy for mobile devices in the brand’s stores. They are also looking for a key account manager – he will be responsible for sales plans for mobile devices at the company’s partners. In addition, a specialist is required who will coordinate special projects and various activities for the audience of generation Z – that is, young people born between 2000 and 2011.

The founder of the Lampa PR agency, Evgenia Lampadova, suggested that, judging by the number of vacancies and their description, the company is either considering the possibility of returning and starting direct sales, or allowing sales through distributors or intermediary sites. “The same Russian marketplaces can act as such a channel,” she said.

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The manager of the PR agency Khisam Communications, Taufik Khisamov, noted that the company leaves no hope for an improvement in the situation and a subsequent return to Russia, especially in light of the fact that the market is increasingly filled with Chinese competitors.

The Samsung press service said that all 22 vacancies are published “as part of the standard recruitment process.” At the same time, a marketer focused on Generation Z is being sought to replace the departed employee.

Deliveries to Russia are still suspended. “Samsung has not made any decision to resume deliveries,” the press service said.

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