The automobile manufacturer Renault claims to work on technology blockchain since 2015. In total, the manufacturer has listed 20 projects to transform its operations and those of its ecosystem. The first achievements are coming soon. IDC anticipates in 2020 a strong slowdown in blockchain projects in Europe due to the […]

FalconX, a crypto-exchange dedicated to institutional traders, has just raised $ 17 million during a financing round led by the famous Californian venture capital company Accel. Founded in 2018 in San Francisco, FalconX is a digital asset trading platform that offers fast, secure and reliable execution using the data science […]

CoinDCX, one of the largest crypto-exchanges in India, chose BitGo as a depositary to further protect the funds on its platform. According to a press release shared with Cryptaut, CoinDCX has just partnered with the Californian specialist in the conservation of cryptocurrencies BitGo. Digital assets, such as Bitcoin, stored in […]

An Australian woman has been accused by New South Wales state police for illegally trading millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. The first arrest in Australia for the law on "non-compliant digital currency suppliers" According to 9News Australia, New South Wales (NSW) Cybercrime Squad detectives caught the woman in […]

Several cases of supercomputer infection have been reported in Europe. Cryptocurrency mining malware has been detected on these systems. The supercomputers have been shut down while investigating. The Ukrainian government recently announced plans to use energy from its power plants to mine cryptocurrency. Until now, the exploitation of these infrastructures […]

According to a first report, 80% of investors who supported the project YOUR of Telegram have chosen a partial refund and will recover 72% of the funds invested earlier in 2018. American justice has been right about the crypto-project of the Telegram messaging application. Last week, its founder Pavel Durov […]

One month after Binance purchased CoinMarketCap for $ 400 million, the crypto price comparison site has unveiled a exchange rate classification system that offers its new owner the best possible score thanks in part. , to the CEO Twitter feed. Web traffic is a fundamental part of the new metric […]