Leno IdeaPad C340 notebook from AMD Ryzen – One of the largest manufacturers of technology and notebooks, the Asian Lenovo, has been in this line for quite some time now to generate products for all niches, pockets and requirements, and the Leno IdeaPad C340 notebook from AMD Ryzen. For many […]

Laptops on a decent budget can be hard to find, but the Lenovo IdeaPad S340 is one of the best affordable options. With devices like smartphones costing over $ 1000USD, you may not have a lot to spend on a laptop. Whatever the reason, inexpensive laptops worth having are hard […]

The launch of the gen4 PCIe standard will not only be the most important this summer. It offers very high bandwidth for compatible storage units. That is, 5GB / s is not available. But beyond this important milestone, you should know that cheap SSD launches are important. For example, Kingston, […]

The choice of home security cameras is huge these days and, while the big brands may be where you look first, there are some compelling alternatives. If you are looking for an indoor camera, the Mini O Plus is the latest from Ezviz. This is a new brand from the […]

A few months ago, konami talks about the great news and surprises that its new 2020 saga brings us that already premiered on September 10, and after a few hours of games here is the summary with the new, the bad and the good. Will there be a successful konami […]

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