BMW has restored the world’s only 1600 GT convertible

BMW has restored the world's only 1600 GT convertible

BMW has been really solid in nurturing its past, devoting considerable resources to the restoration of the world’s only 1600 GT convertible. Behind it, in turn, there is a solid story, the details of which we do not know anyway.

A long time ago, to be exact, almost 60 years ago, BMW created the 1600 GT car, which can also be associated with the name Glas GT. It may not be the most popular car, but it is not surprising because the concern did not produce too many of them – only 1,257, which were produced from June 1967 to August 1968. This two-door cope from the 1960s combined sporty styling with the name of one of the most expensive and exclusive models in the local BMW range. The German concern has meanwhile dreamed up a version of the 1600 GT in a convertible specifically for the US market, but unfortunately did not manage to achieve it.

In the end, only two prototypes were built, of which only one survived. Originally, it was scrapped, but over time it was handed over to the main shareholder of the company, so that it would be returned to BWM a year ago, and more precisely to the BMW Classic branch. Renovation of this unique piece took a year, but the final effect is definitely worth it. The red interior, silver body and 105 hp engine straight from the 1600 Ti look phenomenal and will probably be in the collection of classics at the manufacturer’s factory for many years to come.

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