Cooler Master MasterAir 624 Stealth CPU air cooler put to the test- a dark threat in size

Cooler Master MasterAir 624 Stealth CPU air cooler put to the test- a dark threat in size

After the 612 Stealth recently had to prove itself on the test bench, the big brother is now following. You can find out how the block works in the following article:

Packaging and scope of delivery

The box is the same as that of the smaller cooler down to the last detail, except that it is significantly larger. A large product image on the front is supplemented by an exploded view with brief descriptions on the back, the pages with the Cooler Master-typical purple then provide information about the technical specifications.

And when it comes to transport protection, they are pulling out all the stops to ensure safe delivery. Three boxes are sprung from the inside and also from the outside by thick foam. Even the fans are individually packed again. If something arrives bent here, then you have to be really friendlier to your postman in the future.

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In addition to the extensive small assembly parts, the accessory box also contains a 4-pin PWM splitter, thermal paste and a simple screwdriver. Why, when you already use an extra box with individual compartments, everything has to be bagged again, I don’t understand.

As a special extra, there is a third fan in 120mm size, which according to the description should be installed as a case fan. But I would speculate that most buyers of air coolers in this price range should already be relatively well equipped. It doesn’t do any harm, but making the cooler 5 euros cheaper and saving the fan would have been a welcome option.

Assembly and installation

You use your own backplate for Intel and AMD sockets. Four small threads are fixed in the backplate with plastic clips and pushed through the mainboard from behind. The spacers are then screwed onto the front, which in turn get the two brackets placed and screwed tight. The process is identical to the 614, even if the brackets are slightly larger.
The whole thing is also available again in video form:

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As always, fewer small parts would be desirable, but with the mainboard lying flat, installation should be easy to manage.


The following is an overview of the technical details, more information is available on the manufacturer’s website.

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